Sunday, March 20, 2011


It has been an awfully long time since I have been this sick for so long.  The past week has morphed into one unified "bleh."  Trying to work. Not able to work.  Trying to cook.  Not able to cook.  Trying to be nice.  Not being nice.  It's all bleh.  All of it.

And with my last day of being my last day of rest because beginning Monday I cannot allow myself to bring any more bleh-ness to my busy life, I told Rowdy that I was bored. I can't do so much, you see, being so sick.  He told me that I could read or watch a movie or blog.  "Blog about what?" I asked.  "I have absolutely nothing to blog about.  It has been a week of bleh."  He said that wasn't true. 

Him: Remember the park yesterday?
Me with raspy voice:  Oh ya, the park where I did a photo shoot that I was entirely too sick to do and you and the kids drove me there because I was too sick to drive myself?
Him:  Yep.  The kids played and it was awesome weather outside.  There's a blog post.
Me with kleenex on my nose:

But he was on to something, I think.  It's a basic fact my life is sometimes uninteresting.  I'm just growing with age...and sometimes sick...and sometimes scared...and sometimes completely un-blog worthy.  And that is okay.  It is my life and my own story to tell.  And maybe I don't have an awesome party to show because I need 6 more months to recover from that last one.  And maybe I haven't received the ultimate inspiration on how to make my kids listen to share with the world.  And maybe I'm not perfect.  And maybe I lust after things and houses that I can't have.  And maybe I dream and then mentally slap myself into reality.  And all sorts of other negative things.

But then again, sometimes I come out of my room where I just slept for the last 12 hours trying to get rid of this sickness of mine to find my husband and children building a lego zoo.  And smell chicken soup on the stove.  And the day is only open for movies and resting and quiet.  And through my achy headache and stuffy nose I feel love.

If this is bleh, I think I can make room for it in my busy life.

And maybe that is something to blog about, after all.


Patty Ann said...

OH, I can so relate. This week I have felt the same way. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day. I will hope that your week goes better too. Sometimes I think that sickness is our bodies way of saying "slow down, breathe and relax".

Charlotte said...

Sometimes belh days are okay. Although I wish I could have no commitments when I have them! Good luck recovering!

likeschocolate said...

I hope you feel better today. I am impressed you didn't cancel the photo shoot.

Stef said...

What a great post. Life is life. In the blogging world, I think we feel we have to always be on. But sometimes, we aren't. That's normal.
I hope you do feel better. But let yourself enjoy the bleh....every now and then.

Mary Seals said...

I'm glad that you are well again. How was the soup?

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