Thursday, March 17, 2011

Losing My Voice {no seriously...I have}

So I've been sick.  This has been terribly inconvenient.  But add on the horrible body aches and sore throat to waking up and not being able to TALK.  This creates a few problems.

1) I can't yell at my children.  As part of my daily activities, missing this vital aspect of my life seems wrong somehow.

2) My job is in peril.  Considering the fact that my work requires me to answer the phone, speak and advertise to all who walk in the door, direct my staff, and communicate with corporate, this is NOT GOOD.

3) The relationship I have with my husband is unequal since I cannot speak up to give my opinion.  When I was in labor with Kai, I had lost my voice and I couldn't even complain to the guy who helped put me in that situation.  Did you know there could be a silent delivery room?  Me neither.  Lucky him.  Lucky him.

Well dear friends, although I still feel sick and I am thankful to at least be able to stand up without wanting to curl up in the fetal position, this certainly puts a new twist on things. 

I think there is a dry erase board around here somewhere. 

Thank goodness for emoticons. @#%$*&?!!:)


Debby said...

You sound miserable. I hope you feel better. I hate to loose my voice. It hurts so bad trying to talk and the words don't come out. I am sure lots of people would love it if I could loose mine, hah.
Feel better.

Cherie said...

Oh YUCK! Hope you feel better soon. Just milk it for all that it's worth - hee hee.

Charlotte said...

That is the worst! My kids totally take advantage when my voice is gone.

Mella & Syd said...

I want to see the pictures from St.Patrick's Day. Kai called and told me all about it!

J said...

I should call you just to talk ;) HA!

MommyJ said...

I don't know that I've ever lost my voice completely, but I have sounded really, really mannish on more than one occasion. I hope you're feeling better soon...

Amy said...

That picture is fabulous.
Sorry you're feeling so yucky and that your voice has taken a vaycay.

Hope you feel better soon. Drink some "Throat Coat" echinacea herbal tea, get some Ricola, and get lots of rest.

Mary Seals said...

Have you ever heard the term "voice rest"? It was a new one to me. Apparently speakers and singers will rest their voices before they have to perform. Who knew? Hope yours came back stronger than before.

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