Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear Nikon,

Thanks for being my first love.

Dear Canon,
Looking forward to spending Eternity with you.

My Nikon photo equipment is up for grabs! Email me if you want specs and pricing.  


Sue said...

Love blooms anew.



The Nedrys said...

What lenses do you have available?

Patty Ann said...

so, what made you switch? I used to own a 35 mm minolta, which I loved. Now I have a Nikon and I am learning to love that too! (actually better, it is digital!)

Pasion Family said...

Wow- you switched over... What is your new Canon?

Carrie said...

A couple things: I need to upgrade and I figured if I was going to switch it needed to be now.
It's overall cheaper to buy Canon-but quality is just as good.
The ISO can go high without going grainy
There is a video aspect on this particular camera that Nikon doesn't offer.
It's been hard to talk photography with a lot of my favorite photogs because they use Canon and I do not. Peer pressure? Maybe.
Overall--it just felt right. Although the debate has been hard for YEARS for me;)
I still have my Nikon F100 film--so I don't feel total betrayal.

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