Sunday, April 10, 2011

In my humble opinion

Mary.  She's my best friend. And every year I send her birthday gift a few weeks late.  And every year she sends me mine on time.  This year was no different.

In January I sent her gift on her birthday.  It was going to China, so I figured she might get it by Valentine's day so I threw some heart candy in there, too.  But the crown jewel I put in her box was a last minute find...a journal...with prompts to write about all the stupid people in the world.  I really couldn't help myself. We have had almost 10 years (Happy Anniversary, Mary!) of emails and phone calls concerning our annoying dealings with mankind.  It seemed fitting. The fact that it had a picture of hands flipping the birdy throughout?  Awesome.  Note: totally unnoticed until after I bought it and I included a sticky note saying such;)

Well, 2 days before my actual birthday I received her package in the mail from Hong Kong.  Right on time. Figures.  And after I gasped at the happy tape and unwrapped her package to me, I screamed in delight.

She had taken that same journal, and written on every page in response to those quotes/prompts. Even better?  She took tiny black stickers to block all those awful flipping-the-birdy signs;)

Just had to share...

Our inscriptions to each other.  Don't you love the dots covering up that awful hand signal? heehee

One of the page quote/prompts:

Her response:

Maybe people aren't so bad, afterall....

Thanks for the reminder, Mary!


Wendy said...

What a great friend! I like what she wrote. Mark Twain is a funny guy.

Amy said...

Cute! Sorry comment isn't longer. I've been stuck in a car for six hours today. Feeling kinda meh. But you guys r definitely cute.

Sue said...

How cool is that?! Sounds like something my sister would do. She always gives me the most interesting gifts...and very personal, like this one to you.


Patty Ann said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful friend.
Happy, happy birthday!

Mary Seals said...

::: blush:::
gawrsh. I'm famous!! Now the whole wide world can see my terrible penmanship!! Though I thought for SURE there would be a picture of dessert with fungus ;-)

love you bunches!

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