Friday, April 29, 2011

A Good Friday

What was she thinking?


A few reasons why it is just so darn fabulous today.

* I had an emergency call to come home, only to find 2 homemade burgers waiting for me to try.  Each with bacon ground into the meat, cupped with either melted blue cheese or smoked gouda, mayo, tomato, lettuce and a toasted bun. I took a couple bites and well, my call to be a vegetarian is now far far away.

* Last night I watched The King's Speech and this morning I awoke to catch a peek of the Royal Wedding which made me decide that I must have a hat party.

* I am preparing for next week which will be a series of guest posts from some awesome women on an awesome topic.  I kinda gasped at the fact that certain people agreed to do it and I can hardly wait.

* I am shooting a newborn session tomorrow with my new camera. Wahoo! 

* The sun is out!  Maybe not for long, but it is out.

Good Friday, no?


housewife said...

not only is that hat...special...but that photo does nothing for her! What new camera did you get?

Sue said...

That hat was ridiculous.

JMHO, of course.


The Wille's said...

It totally reminds me of something a who would wear from Dr. Suess :)

Cherie said...

That was the ugliest hat ever!! Seriously but I loved everything else about the wedding (well besides Victoria Blech-ham).

That burger sounds delish - what a great emergency call!

Ailinh said...

LOL yah.. her hat kinda reminds me of the bean bag stand at a kid's carnival for children to throw a bean bag through... Anywho, yay for burgers, newborn photo shoots and cooperative sun shines! I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Amy said...

I had so much fun watching the wedding!! I even wore a hat. It's SO fab, i'll post a pic.

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