Thursday, April 28, 2011

The undeveloped film

For 7 years I have carried around a roll of film.  It's always been in my top drawer...amidst the silk scarves and bras and turquoise and pearl necklaces.  It was a black and white roll, and at the time that I took it I didn't live by a lab that could develop it (it was a professional roll and not a normal Wal-Mart drop-off kind.)  So, it has sat in my many top drawers for years. Across country 2 times.  6 places of residence.  7 years.  


I have certainly had the opportunity to develop it in that time frame. was almost like a glimmer of a memory that I was somehow afraid of losing if I took it out of it's natural state.  I remembered it was taken at the farm.  That time was precious.  If I finally saw what it came out to be, would it be as grand as what I remembered? Would I be disappointed in the result?

And I savored the anticipation. But it was time.

I got the call that it was ready and so yesterday I went to pick it up.  There were so few pictures (like 10)...did I wind it before it was done?  I must have.  Or it could have been a little girl who loved to play with buttons.

Taken on my Nikon F100.  Horrible pictures, aren't they?  Am I happy with the end result from years of waiting?  I would be lying if I told you I was... initially.  My first inclination was how, well, crappy of a photographer I was.  But that was a short lived emotion, because then I gasped at how absolutely fun it was to see my husband fry his first turkey.   And my niece was just well...lovely!  And socks and dish gloves to wear outside in the chilly air were perfect.

(my niece)

Brianna and her cousin with fabulous hand wear

 Rowdy's first fried turkey


Worth the wait?  My sentimental self says so.


Sue said...

I agree with your sentimental self...


Debby said...

Really great pictures and memories. I think back when all we had was film. How many pictures weren't good at all. We couldn't do all the editing then either. So glad that we have options now. The first picture of your neice is really amazing.

Cherie said...

I agree - pictures are precious even if they are not perfect. That smile on your husbands face is cute!!

Amy said...

I think this story is the coolest. I wish I had an undeveloped roll of film! It's like a time capsule.

Ailinh said...

Wow, I bet that felt like Christmas morning to get those pics. Loved 'em all.

Patty Ann said...

I think it is great that you were able to review and relive some amazing memories. Good for you!

Mella & Syd said...

Oh they are just adorable! LOVE the picture and thanks for posting Sydney. I have been thinking for a few days to post my nieces and nephew on my blog. Today, I was searching for pictures of Bri and Kai on your blog to do the post. Then, I see ur post of my beautiful daughter. What a great surprise to find the first fried chicken and the cute sock gloves! Love it!

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