Tuesday, April 12, 2011

merry happy stuff...

Who doesn't love Gwyneth Paltrow?  She's amazing.  And I want to be her friend because she doesn't act like she is above anyone and her English accent on film (remember Emma?) is perfect.  Which totally makes a person friend-worthy.  Sometimes I even write with an English accent.  I just sound smarter.  In fact.  I think you should read THIS with an English accent.  See?  Don't I sound smarter?

Back to Gwyneth.  We would totally be pals.  I am sure of it.

WELL, I just discovered her website GOOP.  It's a gem.  All around glorious goodness.  From food to deep questions to traveling to shopping...it is a merry happy place to visit and read.  I have always been impressed with her well-rounded simplicity, and I think this shows an even more lovely side of her. I just love her recommendations for Summer Cooking.  Signing up for her newsletter for sure!

She also just came out with a cookbook that has already gotten rave reviews.  Who knew?  I'm off to put it on my Amazon wishlist;)  And go eat some fish and chips.  I'm still talking with an accent, you know.

And because I am still writing with an accent...you have to listen to one my very favorite songs: merry happy from the awesome Kate Nash


MommyJ said...

I love Gwyneth for all sorts of reasons. Both those of her own merit, and also because she is married to Chris Martin. And I LOVE Chris Martin with all sorts of crazy Coldplay passion.

I had not, however, heard of this website. I'm most thrilled to discover it.

Sue said...

I saw her on television recently on a show where the celebrity guests go back and research their roots/genealogy. She revealed herself to be an interesting person. (Great show, too, by the way!)


Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

And doesn't she sing too? How does she do it all? Plus she's married to Cold Play's lead singer. Now that's just awesome!

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