Friday, April 1, 2011

Phone message from dear daughter

At  approximately 9:24am, I received a message on my voicemail from Brianna which I will now relay. And yes.  I listened to it 3x just to get it down correctly.

Hey mom I was just wondering since you signed me up for swimming I just wanted to know when we are going to buy a new bathing suit because I have outgrown mine because I am a size large in shirts and I am a size 10 in pants so I need a new bathing suit and I love ya bye.

I guess I didn't know that she had grown even though she went up 2 sizes in the last 6 months.  And I didn't have to constantly buy more jeans.  And that she has been bugging me for a new bathing suit for 4 months.  Nope.  I had no idea.

So the swimming suit season drama begins. 


And if you haven't given me 30 comments of 30th birthday advice yet--well, you better go do it quick.  I'm not getting any younger.

I received a text from my mother-in-law that sex is better in your 30's.   Good to know.  Good to know.


Sue said...

Love your mom's text. And she's right. Especially late 30s.


Patty Ann said...

Totally love your daughters message and your mom's text. Sounds like life in your house is about to get interesting!! I totally hate swimming suit drama. With three girls still at home, I know how it goes.

Cherie said...

Ha Ha what a great MIL you have - she's right too!

Kids are so funny - It sounds like you better go bathing suit shopping pronto :-D

Debby said...

Funny Mother in law.
No advice but to enjoy every minute. It beats the alternative.

Lisalulu said...

great advice (I'm newlymarried 50+) but ewwww coming from MIL- still pretty funny

Amy said...

Welllll I certainly hope so! They gotta give us at least SOMETHING to look forward to in our thirties.

Good luck swimsuit shopping. I'm still struggling to lose twenty pounds so i'll actually look good in one

Jackie said...

I hope so too! Looking forward to the 30's!

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