Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Rowdy

Thanks for telling our daughter about a girl who you used to know with jagged teeth who everyone made fun of, but who turned out to be the most beautiful girl in school when she grew up and then everyone felt bad about teasing her. And that you were the only one who never teased her, which is why the new supermodel decided to date you above anyone else.  I'm curious though, who the hell are you talking about?

Thanks for telling her that you and I were the most beautiful people at college and the most popular and that everyone adored us.  And that since she is FROM us, that automatically makes her amazing.

Thanks for telling her that boys tease because they really like you and girls tease because they are jealous.

And thanks for also reminding me to tell her about how a popular boy in 6th grade told me that I was "so ugly." And how when he asked me out in 10th grade because he said I was the most beautiful girl in school, I told him too bad so sad.

And even though I shook my head at what you said, thanks for reminding me that you will say whatever it takes to make her feel good about herself and to forget about the children that called her mean horrible no good names. Thank you for loving our daughter enough to exaggerate--just a bit;)

PS.  You can find out a little bit about me here today. 


jeana said...

Aw very sweet. I remember that awful sinking feeling when I ever got teased. I love that she has you guys to pick her up.

Amy said...

I was teased in school too. I was a bit of a "late bloomer". Sometimes I still struggle with wishing I was prettier.

But, (not to blow my own horn) I have also in recent years been told I look like a model.
And I wanna tell all those stupid, mean people who made my life awful, all those boys who didn't think I was good enough for them:
"Now I'm hot and awesome. Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Course, I don't always feel hot and awesome. Ugh. Mostly I feel inadequate and chubba-lubba.
Part of life I guess.

But I think your sweet girl is gorgeous. She's gorgeous now and she'll be a knockout when she's older. All this hard stuff we have to endure helps us to be more beautiful on the inside too.

Sorry for the novel. P.S. I love your favorite things post!!!!

Sue said...

I love this.

Dads are so important in a daughter's life.


Charlotte said...

Good for him! Exaggerating is just our memories growing up, right?

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