Thursday, May 26, 2011

Words I Say Daily

(love this pic of my babe circa 2007)

Bleh (say it with much emphasis on eh)
Oh my gosh
What the crap
I don't think so
I'm not even kidding
(while we're being honest, insert a teeny tiny swear word here)
What's the deal?
I am super tired
I don't know
I know everything
Hey Babe
I hate folding laundry
I hate doing the dishes
Did you sleep good?
Did you have good dreams?
Get to bed
That's it
I'm taking a TV token away
That's 1
That's 2
That's 3
Get in time-out
You're so cute!
Can you puh-lease pick up your toys?
Did you finish your chores?
I always do it
Hold on
You're so sweet
You're my favorite Kai
You're my favorite Brianna
Please stop singing
Why didn't you tell me this yesterday?
I can't handle this
Just sign here
I'm so stressed out 
I love you


Amy said...

Can I copy you? This post is so cute! And that picture is fabulous. I hope you have it framed even though it's a few years old. If not, it's probably only because you have even better ones!

Oh, and a LOT of the words you say, I say every day too. Especially freak'n and I love you. :)

Jenny P. said...

Every time I ask a question, I always, always preface it with, "Here's my question."

I don't know why. Maybe I think the fact that I'm asking a question won't be clear, so I want to set people up for success before I even ask?

Or maybe I'm just odd.

likeschocolate said...

Sound just like me!

Shannon said...

You forgot


but hopefully there are more
"I Love You's" than "No's"

Cute list.

Stef said...

I agree with Amy... what a great idea. Though my list would look very similar to yours. You could add "Don't hit your brother." "Life isn't fair." "I know I am mean. I'm supposed to be."

Patty Ann said...

I think I say a lot of those too, and I love that picture!

Mo said...

My list is very similar!

Sue said...

So cute!

Charlotte said...

We have almost the same vocabulary! I say "When did you know this was coming up?" and "Don't give me that, my hands are full!" a lot, too.

Mary Tomlinson said...

I know that we NEVER talk, and I only see you when you come to GA to visit...but I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog...I think that you are freaking amazing...

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