Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a white bed

This was our bed when we lived in Florida.  An excess amount of white pillows....soft white sheets... pouring sunny laying on a cloud.  It was a meeting place for our family.  Soft cool mornings and pillow fights at night.  Comfort. Pure comfort.  

I remember making the bed every morning, and minutes later Kai would come in and jump inside the covers and throw the pillows around.  So, it stayed unmade most days (often to my frustration.) I remember becoming so irritated one day that it wouldn't stay pretty and kept for even 30 minutes. Could I not control even one thing?  It angered me.  I wanted it to be beautiful.  I wanted it to stay beautiful.  But it wouldn't. And that was a very hard year.  A year of stagnate growth.  The kind of growth that I did not see until I was removed from it.

And so I stare at this picture now.  In all it's white comfortable and messy glory and I recognize such goodness in that time of our life.  There was such comfort on that bed even during a time of hard reality.  So much laughter and love (wink.wink.) It was a good place to be. And I am so grateful that this picture just reminded me of that.  


Amy said...

this makes me want a white bed now! Laying in a cloud?? Ah... sounds so lovely.

Sue said...

In my life, things often look most beautiful when I'm looking back on them.

For me, memory always seems to have warm colors. (Even dressed in white!)


Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

nudge. nudge.

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