Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Things

I feel like Martha Stewart with that blog post title, but the woman is genius so I'm going to stick with it.  Plus, I seriously have some good things to say.

1.  Kai got his cast off!  Hurrah!  After only 4 weeks his foot looks good as new and he is hopping all over the place.  The idea that we can think about hiking or basic outdoor activities again has given me true Mama Joy.

2.  I have decided to start a new business called the Hair Wash.  Much like the concept of the Car Wash, the only difference would be the fact that you won't be driving a car.  And you won't be getting foamed up and waxed head to toe.  And you won't have the fun carnival ride experience that you take your kids to so you don't actually have to take them to the carnival.  (Oh come on, you KNOW you have done that.)

Instead you will walk into a room full of salon sinks with comfy recliner chairs simply to have the well-known hair washing experience. Not to get a trim.  Not to get a cut and or/color.  Just to get it washed.  Because we all know that's the best part about getting your hair done, anyway.  Just today, as I felt someones hands massaging my scalp with a heavenly scent I thought to myself, "I would pay for JUST this."  And the idea is born, people.

3. I have decided to give myself some love.  This has been a constant battle for me.  As a mother, I often feel so pulled that doing basic things for myself-- such as getting my hair done or taking time to read a book or scheduling that much needed doctors appointment that I have been procrastinating due to time--are put on the back burner.  That is not okay...because it is a basic fact that I can't take care of everyone if I don't take care of myself.  I can't show my children the love that they deserve if my well is empty.  I can't be the best mother and wife that I can be if I don't love myself (by doing things for myself) first.  I just can't.

I used to think that was an outlook of selfishness, but I am here to tell you it is not. I'm not talking about taking decadent vacations and spoiling myself with shopping sprees.  Instead, I am talking about loving myself enough to recognize my mental and physical worth---which might mean waking up 30 minutes earlier to a get a good workout  in (which automatically makes me feel good in both mind and body), or taking the time to get a pedicure, or using the good china for dinner just because it makes me smile.   It's realizing that it's okay to do things for myself...and amazingly enough, I am a better mother because of it. 

Good things. So many good things.


And lest anyone think that my son is the smallest kid in his preschool class....

And ya.  We'll probably get his hair trimmed just a tad soon.


Amy said...

I love these good things!! I want to come get my hair washed straightaway. How much is a plane ticket to Seattle? Hmm. That is a GREAT business idea, by the way. Fantastic pampering without having to do any changes to the 'do.

Yay for Kai! Glad to hear his cast is off.

likeschocolate said...

Yeah for Kai! I would come to your new business because I love getting my hair washed.

Charlotte said...

I am now totally craving someone washing my hair. It does feel wonderful!

Congrats on the cast. In time to enjoy most of summer.

I've always believed some Mom-only time is essential for everyone's well-being.

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