Monday, June 27, 2011

Grill that Cheese

Sometimes...when you have literally spent 4 hours on a project for an event with the end result of not liking it, and when dinner was so gross that you ate nothing but dessert, and when you realize that your to-do list for the next week allows for only 3 hours of sleep each night...making a smoked gouda grilled cheese sandwich at 11:44pm is just necessary. 

PS.  Kai has asked for pancakes morning noon and night for the past 2 days.  Do you know why?  My pancakes are awesome. 


heather said...

Have I mentioned that you are one of my all time favorite bloggers? Because you are.

Sue said...



Amy said...

You're making me hungry.
Even for grilled cheese.
And I don't even like cheese.

I went to high school with heather. :) She's an awesome chica.

Cherie said...

That really sounds good and it's only 5:28! Food always tastes extra good late at night though!

Stef said...

Ahhhh! You poor busy momma! I make some pretty mean pancakes too. I like to freeze them and have the kids eat them later on.
But the grilled sandwich shouldn't wait.

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