Monday, June 6, 2011

Seeping Syrup

Oh, how I felt it today!  I felt the pressure of parenthood seeping down on me like maple syrup does to Belgian waffles.  You can see it drizzling down in a steady stream one moment and then a second later you don't know where it went.  So you better pour on some more, right?

(My analogies are awesome. Really, I should be a public speaker just so you can see me on stage with a waffle maker and Grade B maple syrup.  It will be a riveting moment.  One that will forever change your destiny, I am sure.)

But here is where my seeping begins and where I hope it will one day end.  Waffles can get entirely too soggy, after all.

Today my children fought.  First with each other and then with me.  And I wanted to pray.  I really did.  I wanted to feel a loving parenting prayer in my heart so that I could keep my cool and have God rescue me from my madness.

But instead I found myself saying things like, "stop acting like a baby," and "do you know what the word spoiled means?" 

Horrific.  Seeping.  Awful.  Seeping.  Is there a training manual for this stuff?  Seeping.

There was such attitude, and frankly, I don't know if it is because she is growing up or if I am not handling this the right way.  Does one ever feel like they are handling things the right way? For instance, today I did all.  In fact, I didn't do too well yesterday now that I am thinking about it.

Somebody please teach me.  Please oh please oh please.

Sometimes I see parents whose children sit on the front row at church and don't move.  They don't even need snacks.  Or coloring books.  Or things to keep their attention for an hour where a whisper is deemed too loud.

But that is not me and mine alone.   Mine are the grown up children at 5+ years who touch and prod and whisper LOUDLY and who completely embarrass me outright.  I meant to apologize to the couple behind me today.  We sat in front of them last week as well and I had forgotten to play musical chairs so that those around us did not feel constantly annoyed. My son's cast was kicked wildy about as I tried to calm his wiggles and my daughter fought to keep him off herself.

It was loud.  It was obvious.  It was hard.  And I wanted to cry with exhaustion.  They are older.  I don't have a misbehavior due to age excuse.  I don't have a reason why my son hit a kid in his class and had to be taken outside.  I don't have a reason why my daughter has taken the liberty of discovering back-talk.  I don't have a reason why I am so distressed at the fact that I feel like I can't handle my own kids sometimes.  Why asking them to pray is like pulling teeth.  Why getting Lego's picked up off the floor takes hours (literally) of back and forth time-outs.  Why fighting is common among siblings in my home and right now...between a mom and child.


This parenting gig is HARD.  I wish I knew what the heck I was doing.  I wish I felt like I wasn't constantly screwing up my kids with how I possibly handled a situation wrong. I wish I just knew

And yet...


There are gorgeous moments.  The kind that make you forget how awful it was just minutes before and make your heart swell with gratitude to be their Mother. How hugs and kisses and storybooks and pillow fights are abundant. How night comes and the world is still as if to remind you to breathe. 

And after I love you's are said before slumber and after your knees have hit the floor in a pleading yet grateful prayer, there is a peaceful feeling that it will all work out in the end.

And that this waffle will somehow turn out to be delicious--completely and entirely smothered in sticky syrup.  Sometimes soggy is best. 


likeschocolate said...

My children don't sit still either. I would love to know how some parents get so lucky!

Sue said...

I think you have the right idea. Just pray your way through and enjoy the sweet spots.

When all is said and done, love is the main ingredient in raising our children. And you've got that down!


Cherie said...

Looking back now I cannot remember my kids fighting. It is weird.

I think that syrup drizzles down and falls between the cracks and dries up and all you have left is the memory of how good those waffles tasted!

Amy said...

I love you Carrie! If you were a motivational speaker, I'd come see you!

Highest of highs and lowest of lows. That's all I can say about parenthood from what little experience I've had, and from observing other families.

I am seriously making waffles for lunch today.

Regina said...

Seems that the more you want your kids to do something the less they do so, isn´t it?

It´s a question of hm perception: Do I feel ashamed for what they are doing or do I thank God for having blessed me with such indidual persons?

If you cannot reach this point of hm gratitude (which is not that easy to reach I know, I have five kids) then turn inside yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with this bright peace of God´s love.

Feel it for yourself - don´t ask yourself to immediately feel it for your kids. You know, you´ll feel His love for them if you reassured yourself of His great love.

For me it works fantastically :-))

Dearest greetings from Lehrte near Hannover in Germany


Amy said...

I love this in the fact I felt your pain so well. Wow, being a mom is so hard. But like Sue said, pray your way through the hard parts, and enjoy the good parts. Good luck.

jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

Beautiful. The End.

It's so nice to know us Mommies aren't alone in our frustrations... :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being the voice to how I often feel.

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