Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Last night Kai and I were sitting at Brianna's swimming lesson.  He was bumbed because he can't attend his any more (darn you broken foot,) but he was surprisingly quiet and still and self-entertained while we waited.

After awhile, I looked around me and saw other parents whose young children were waiting with them and watching the swimming lessons.  The kids were also quiet and patient, but I noted how every single one was playing a game on a cell phone. 

Then I looked at my son.  His hands held a piece of foil compressed into a ball and 2 straws wrapped in my hair band.  

He played.
And I smiled.

Atta boy.


Sue said...

I'm smiling too!


Cherie said...

That definately makes me smile too!
I like it when kids use their imaginations!

Wendy said...


Amy said...

Best feeling ever! Love it when my kids aren't so plugged in.

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