Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer and To Do

My TO DO list feels overwhelming right now.  The kids Summer has just begun and as a working mom, that means life is so much more hectic.  I long for the freedom of random library trips mid-day, but (sigh) that is not my life right now.  Did I mention that Grad School SUCKS?  However, can I get some props for feeding my children spinach and beets in fruity homemade popsicles? I sure hope so;)

Here's my recipe...

Green Popsicles that are totally not green so your kids will eat them
Blend on whole food juice cycle:
2 cups coconut water
3 cups raw spinach
1 peeled carrot chopped into 1 inch pieces
1/4 of a small peeled beet
2 cups frozen berries - I use the mixed frozen berries at Costco and do it on this cycle to break up the whole seeds

Add and blend on Smoothie Cycle:
1 banana
1 cup kefir
1-2 Tbsp agave
A few frozen strawberries
Water if needed for consistency

Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze.  The beets and berries give it a great pink color with the fruit, so they will never know they have so many veggies if you don't want them to. You can also acclimate the kids to it as well...adding more fruit than veggies at first. 

I also have some links  that I am swooning over that I keep forgetting to post about.  I do believe they will make Summer pretty darn cool.

*A kid's Summer Reading List printable!  YAY!
*A camping checklist that covers meals and supplies
*Summer of Fun activity jar/calendar

And oh!  I was sent a super cute botton for being a finalist in the Power of Moms contest as a direct link to vote by Thursday. These ladies sure know how to rock a contest. Click and see;)

Happy Summer;)


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Mmmm...a popsicle party sounds like a ton of fun!

I voted for you!

Amy said...

Mmmm, Popsicles! You are a rocking mom, don't ever doubt it. Happy summer to you too!

Shell in your Pocket said...

what cute invitations!

sandy toe

likeschocolate said...

Yummy! Can't wait to try these!

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