Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coloring Pasta

My life is really not that interesting. I am a part-time-creative Mother at best.  Just this morning I was at the dentist and I happily picked up the Family Fun magazine, knowing I finally had the time to read and it is always filled with good crafty stuff.  But by the 6th page, my head swarmed with envy at the creative play of kids.  Is this what my children are supposed to be doing?  Do I need to head to the store to get some straws and glitter and oh...did I already recycle that cardboard box?  Dang it.  Wait...I don't have marbles either....so on to the next page.  Just look what that mom did with her kids in Wisconsin!  Every afternoon they have a scheduled craft--one week the entire focus was on colored pasta. 

The reality hit me.  I am not.that.mom.

In my defense, I would like to say it is because I work and so the time that I am at home with them is spent doing more constructive things...like making them fold their laundry and pick up legos.  Something has to give, right?  But I can't help but wonder if I am hindering their development in some way by not having them dye pasta.  If I should be planning creative play activities that they can do when not under my care--or better yet--when they are.  Is that time-devotion amidst the chaos of life even possible?  Are they going to flunk Math or Science because I didn't buy the red paper cups and masking tape to configure a play lighthouse?

I think I need to get my act together. Like, now.

So! I am going to get a year subscription to Family Fun magazine in the hopes that it will encourage pasta coloring enthusiasm around here.  And I'm off to buy some glitter. Because you never know when a sparkly mess might determine how cool of a Mom you are or not.  Plus, I've been wanting to make some puffy paint Ked shoes circa 1991 these days anyway. Then perhaps, I can at least look the part;)


Cherie said...

I don't think anyone is truly THAT-MOM!
But it is fun to do crafts with the kiddo's once in awhile.
I actually remember when Family Fun magazine started - it is a good one.
I also remember coloring pasta and making necklaces when I was a kid - brings back alot of memories.
Now that I think about it though, I never did that with my kids. Go figure.

Erin said...

I just love you! I've been a reader for a week now and you are one funny girl. I can so relate to this idea of wondering if and how I will eternally screw up my children. Maybe I need to go get some glitter too!

Stef said...

I look back at my childhood and I don't remember any painted pasta. I was too busy riding bikes, and playing kick the can and hide and seek and swimming. I think sometimes our world tries to have our kids do too much. Some is good, but there should be no guilt sitting and reading with your kids. YOu are a good mom! (I too get that magazine...for guilty mom sake.)

Sue said...

I have great memories of the painted pasta from camps when I was young.

My mom never did crafts with us. But we still had a great childhood!


Amanda said...

Family Fun has a lot of really great ideas. Even if you only use a couple of them, I think the subscription is more than worth it.

Jen O said...

I've found out I'm not that mom either. I'd like to be, and I try to be for the sake of the kiddos, but it'll always be a struggle for me I think. I had a subscription to Family Fun with big ideas to do more stuff, but I fizzled. Hope you are more successful...which you probably will be!

Amy said...

Mommy guilt is the worst, isn't it? It creeps up at the most random times (dentist office? How dare it!). I had a realization last night. My children are happy. They scream and play and wrestle, and read and learn, and are happy. And still alive. That is probably one of the most important parts. I think if they are alive and happy, I must be doing something right. So, banish that Mommy Guilt. From what I read, you are a wonderful mother, doing the best for your family that you can. And that is enough.

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