Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'd like to interrupt

this blogging break to announce that I am a Woman Warrior.  Today I ran the Warrior Dash and holy smokes it was awesome.  Literally...I jumped over fire and everything.   Remember how it was on my to-do list for my 30th birthday year?  I did it! And since it was in a downpour, I think I can check off run in the rain, too.

 You can see my course suffrage here.

I am kinda hurting right now.  Like bad. 

PS.  I am feeling great and energized web-wise once again. I've missed you so I'll be back soon!


Cherie said...

LOve that picture of you!! You are THE WOMAN!! Way to go

Mary Seals said...

This is really very cool.

Amy said...

You are amazing! That warrior race sounds awesome. Seriously. Jumping through fire? Yes, please!

Sherry Williams said...

wow. good for you. it's amazing what one can do when you push yourself. congrats. :)

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