Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lest you forget how cool you are...dust!

I haven't dusted in FOREVER.  And well, it showed.  Mary Poppins would be sure to banish me to my room had she seen my shelves, so it became quite the chore that I have avoided.  But it could wait no longer.  I finally said, "I must!" 

I began with the dustiest of dusty places. Start with the worst chore first, right? And then the funniest thing happened...I began to notice all my cool stuff.  The stuff that I don't have time to pay too much attention to every day, but I originally styled it so that I would pay attention to it. Or at least feel super trendy in my surroundings and happy every time I looked around me. Like how I have a vintage yellow book about how to cook an omelet perched on top of a yellow copy of Robinson Crusoe.  I mean, how cool am I? 

I buffed and sprayed and shined and blew the dust away so that I could give my awesome-to-me items a clean resting place once again.  To see modern art and design and thrift and vintage in one place at one time. Centered and thoughtfully layed out.  I relished in my personality amongst books and vases and that one picture whose stillness moves my soul.

And to think!  A mundane chore that I had avoided had now become a moment that my spirit treasured.  A reminder of what I love.  What brings a smile to my face.  What makes me comfortable and soothes my designing heart.

I realized that my definition of "cool" far surpassed the 1994 version of MC Hammer pants. Instead "coolness" in design is a feeling of being centered...confident...knowing that my style completely encompasses who I am and that no matter what the trend is, I am me and I have the ability to reflect that. 

Pretty darn cool.

I loved the reminder.

Wood block in the kids room from PopRocks Design


Jocelyn Christensen said...

OOh, I have that wood block it!

Sue said...

I like your viewpoint on dusting. Seriously.

Dusting could be a zen activity!


Amy said...

Re-discovering hidden treasures is what it is all about, right? It makes dusting awesome. I love decorating and always do a deep clean right before. It helps things be clean, and makes me feel all happy inside.

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