Friday, July 29, 2011

Rowdy's birthday is coming up

This year it has snuck up on me.  I had great plans when all of a sudden he snatched them out of existance by saying, "why don't you just tell me?" and then I hesitantly did only to have him say,"oh that is such a nice idea but don't worry about it."


Back to the drawing board.  I honestly don't think I can beat my awesome virtual online birthday a few years ago...but I will try.  And in case you wondered how I did it, here are my instructions.
Any ideas? I've got the weekend to come up with something genius.


Stef said...

I am not all that great at birthdays. Good luck!

Sue said...

Any three-year-old birthday is, by definition, a good thing!

Have fun!!


Amy said...

Sigh. Good luck! Boys and birthdays are difficult. They are just so stubborn!

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