Sunday, July 10, 2011


Is this cake not flipp'n awesome?

At work (and not at work) I always say, "People are so gross!  They just leave their trash around which I or my maintenance man inevitably have to pick up.  Don't they have any self-respect for where they and other people live?"  It makes me oh-so-mad.  Like, when you think of me getting mad, think of me getting madder.  Yes.  Seriously mad.  I cannot even tell you how many times I have stepped into the elevator only to grab some paper towels because someones coke or coffee spilled and they never came back to clean it up.  NASTY people.

Well, yesterday we made our monthly trip to Costco which includes a huge fat chocolate-nut covered ice cream bar for the kids for only $1.50.  I love Costco.  Problem is, Brianna is not a very good ice cream bar licker.  Granted, I know she is talented in so many other areas,  but let's be real here.  It is not her forte.  So, add a hot day to the mix and you have a terrible melting dilemma.

By the time we pulled into the parking garage I had to grab a paper plate for her to lay it on so it would not drip any more while we carried the groceries upstairs.

Since she was carrying the plate with melting ice cream, I only asked her to carry the big bag of spinach and hold the door from the parking garage open for me.  But as I shut the trunk and loaded my arms with a very heavy box of everything to take up...I heard an "oh no!"  I then hesitantly glanced down at the melting chocolate mess on the cement floor of the garage.

And I totally left it.

I'll clean it up tomorrow... 


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Okay...That is one of my pet peeves, too! Sort of like leaving your food and cup behind in the movie theatre...what?!

That cake is SO CUTE!

Erin said...

Um this is so freakin' funny because it's so true. EVERYWHERE. People think that anywhere out in the open is cue for them to dump their trash. Or spill/dump it and then just walk away. For example, at the Landing Friday night I was very close to stepping in what I hope was just "chunky ketchup" from Five Guys down on the gross!!!!!!

Amy said...

Uh, so now I have to know what your job is. I am a custodian, and I think of that Every Day! I really don't understand how people can be so disgusting. Mainly in the bathrooms. Mainly the mens. They are so gross! And you make me laugh.

Amy said...

Ha! So honest. I wasn't a very good ice cream bar eater as a kid either. Too cold. Hurt my teeth. That cake is too yummy looking!

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