Friday, August 5, 2011

a couple friday things

1. It's our 11th Anniversary today.  Last night I layed in bed thinking how I was so cool last year gift-wise when I blogged our story and that this year how icky the number 11 sounds to me and how we are so lame to not do anything creative.  Then Rowdy googled it and it said that 11 is a lucky  number. And that the ring he got me in December should cover about 10 more anniversaries. He's right.

2. I need voice lessons for my daughter. She's pretty good but needs direction. Any takers?

3. I am so SO curious how many people read my blog that I actually know in person.  Totally doesn't matter-just wondering. A friend of a friend I know in person probably counts, too. 

4. I'm shooting a fake photo shoot tomorrow with some gorgeous couples on a Seattle rooftop to expand my portfolio.  It totally reminds me of my Freshman year in college when my guy-friend and I took fake engagement pictures for fun.  Who does that?  And I probably shouldn't be writing that story on my 11th Wedding Anniversary. Heehee.

5. Have a great weekend.


Rachel said...

Happy anniversary! You should expand your portfolio by coming to AZ and capturing our family. I think that would really boost your business. Just a suggestion. ;)
And you know me even though we haven't seen you guys in FOREVER! But I read your blog (sorry I don't comment very often..oops!) and think you're all things wonderful. How's that for your confidence lifter of the day!

Cherie said...

My daughter took fake engagement pictures with a friend to try and fool his brother - It is funny to look at them now - they are both married.

Happy 11th Anniversary to you!!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Well Happy Anniversary!!
And I know what you mean about readers...

Have fun doing your photoshoot!! I wish we lived closer, I'd have you do some family photos for us! I always love your work.

Carrot Jello said...

Happy Anniversary.
I read.

Mary Seals said...

Happy anniversary, guys!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! My wedding anniversary is on November 11th. Which means if I had been married the same year as you, my 11th anniversary would have been on 11/11/11.


I had some friends take fake engagement pictures when a bunch of them went to california a couple years ago. Funny stuff.

Amy said...

Congrats on 11 years! That is a big deal!

Becky said...

I was in college with a friend from my tiny hometown. We took engagement photos and sent them into our hometown newspaper, complete with announcement, as an April Fools joke. His dad (the local county judge and our hometown stake president) thought it was hilarious, his secretary who fielded all the phone calls, not so much.
One of our other friends did the same thing that year and sent it to all her siblings and our bishop and stake president (who were father and son) who spent almost awhile discussing how they got temple recommends without either of them involved while their wives, who caught on immediately, sat and giggled at them.
And after seeing the other comments, I'm realizing we may not have been as original and clever as we thought we were.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

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