Thursday, August 4, 2011

For some reason. I just like this picture.

I mean, what's not to like?

So, I need a little help and/or suggestions would be appreciated.  I am re-vamping my photo website a bit and as you can see, (you have to go to it to see) my gallery names are just plain adorable.  HOWEVER, it was brought to my attention that the "lollipops and gumdrops" gallery AKA children might be a name not easily representative of children.  Basically, the other galleries are obvious to what they are (like ladies in waiting and oh baby), whereas that one is not. 

Let's recap:  I need a new gallery name for children.

I am also adding another one for couples/engagement and I need a name for that, too.

Let's recap: I need a gallery name for couples.  (update...what do you think of "Love birds"?)

Help a mother out?

*The winner will be rewarded with the knowledge that their gallery name can be seen on the WWW and there just has to be incredible satisfaction in that, no?


Georgina Illingworth said...

How about 'Sticky Fingers' for the children's one and 'Kisses and Wishes' for the couples? I know neither of them are too explicit but I couldn't think of anything with the actual words in. Hope this helps! x

Georgina Illingworth said...

By the way, love your website! The pictures are just lovely

Debby said...

I like the picture as well.
How about "Snapshots".

auroranwhisper said...

I just named one of my Pinterest boards "Pitter Pattering". A little vague, but for me, it's all about baby! I like "Love Birds" for the couples!

AudreyO said...

I love the colors of the balloons. Well actually I like the teal ones int today's post too :)

Mary Seals said...

dynamic duos? matching set? couplet? two of a kind? kindred... something. fairy-tales in the making? dreams coming true? starry-eyed? beguiled?

cherubs? tater tots? munchkins? wee ones?

I like love birds.

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