Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lesson Learned

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I received a new calling at church (a volunteer position that you are asked to do) working with the kids.  I was pretty excited about it because frankly, I was finding that just hanging out with the women (who are a lot older than me) wasn't doing much for me.  Plus, I would be with my kids and perhaps my son would behave better? 

So- in my calling I am in the presidency who oversees it all.  We have very few children so it is pretty low maintenance, and the month of September was my time to do Sharing Time where I give a lesson each week to the whole group.  

I have been pretty busy, but I am usually really good at public speaking/lessons and don't have much fear in that regard.  PLUS, I am a mom for gosh sakes.  Totally my element.  So in the heat of time I did what every smart woman would do and found a lesson that someone already made on Sugardoodle.  If you are LDS-this site is a gold mine.  It's full of ideas from women who spend all their time posting lessons/ideas so that I don't have to.  Brilliant.  

So, I grabbed a lesson quickly and went with it.  Then I gave it and lo and behold it SUCKED.  It was boring, and I was half-hazard and I read scriptures that were complex for even an adult without an explanation and ugh...I felt pretty bad about it. It wasn't a good lesson for the kids AT ALL.  Way over their heads I think and it was a complete bomb.

And after I went home I had to ponder what transpired and laugh at the whole thing with the understanding that least there is a next time.  But more importantly and significantly, I realized that I completely missed one element.  I didn't pray.  Every lesson or talk I have ever given I have prayed for guidance.  I have prayed before, and sometimes during, and certainly after with thanks.  And yet, in a moment that I taught children...the closest little beings to God...I didn't pray.  I was shocked at myself really, and I promised myself that I won't make that mistake again.  

Lesson Learned.


Christina said...

Oh I can relate. I feel like serving in primary, prayer is more crucial to me doing my calling well than ever before.

Charlotte said...

Just don't forget that with a room full of kids, sometimes even the most brilliant lessons will fall flat. And the dumbest lessons ever will be the ones that make them finally understand. Or vice versa. Kids are so fickle sometimes.

Prayer really is the best defense

Amy said...

You're a goddess.
Just sayin'.

That is a good lesson to learn. I bet Heavenly Father may have had a chuckle or two.

P.S. Sugardoodle is definitely awesome.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Well, now, if you learned then I'd say the lesson wasn't a complete flop then, was it?

Congrats on your new calling! So much fun to serve in primary.

Carrot Jello said...

Don't forget to check out Little LDS ideas too. I use it for sharing time a lot.

sariqd said...

Um. Perhaps it didn't work because it's not approved material? Meaning - it (sugardoodle) is not LDS church approved material. If it was, it'd have the church's logo and be linked to it through their official site. Just thought I'd share after having served in the Primary presidency myself.

Stef said...

I bet it was better than you thought. And quite honestly, in all my years in Primary...and they are many...the kids will mostly just remember the songs.
That being said, prayer is important just because there might be that one child who has prayed for an answer...and you could be it.
Next week....there's always next week.

Mary Seals said...

We sort of talked about this last week in sunday school. Sometimes we'll spend a lot of time preparing or looking in the wrong place for answers/direction when we should first ask God so that he can point us in the right direction.
1 corinthians 2:12-14
I make that mistake on a daily basis.

Sue said...

I think we all have to learn that lesson at least once.


Bridget said...

Prayer is pretty much what gets me through any presentation. Yup. I've definitely learned that one. A couple of times.

Kristie said...

awesome. it's amazing how much of a difference it can make and it's so incredibly simple. I realized during conference that I need to step up my prayer-frequency.. it's been dragging a bit and I'm disappointed that I have to learn this lesson over and over again. It is a small thing that directly benefits me and mine, yet I overlook, put off or just don't do it! I'm going to be better too. then we can both be awesome. :)

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