Monday, September 19, 2011

rain rain you can stay

On Saturday I photographed a wedding.  On the way there it was pouring down rain.  Typical in Seattle, but for an outdoor wedding with no back-up plan, it was a serious issue.  To top it off, I was stuck in traffic.  There was a serious accident during my hour long ride (helicopter airlift included) and so I did what any other woman in my situation would do--I turned on some Christmas music.

Holy Popcorn Batman it made me feel better!

And then I prayed that the rain would part ways and let this sweet bride and groom and my camera remain dry.  And guess what?  It did.  It stayed happy and calm until the last guest went home.  I left with achy feet due to high heels (WHY did I do that?) but with a full heart as my window wipers swished swished. 

And as I hear the rain drip soft drops outside my window in this moment I still feel the same.  Such a good day.


Amy said...

Ah, perfect.

We Arizonies LOOOOOVE the rain. With a passion. Rainy days are not gloomy days here. They are hap-happy days.

Such a lovely feeling to sit in a car during a rainstorm while listening to Christmas music! Yay!

Charlotte said...

Christmas music always saves the day. Who plans an outdoor wedding in Seattle without a backup plan?

Sue said...

Can't believe there's Christmas music already.



PS. Glad it helped, though!

Lisalulu said...

yes we pacific northwestern-ers take such wet days in stride.. and see the beauty! and happy when on occasion it stops for momentous occasions. hope you found an assistant to go with you!

theamazingjohnsons said...

You're my kind of girl! I love the rain and I love Christmas music at any time of year.

Amy said...

Ah, sweet rain. I remember as a kid, I hated the rain. I would quite often chant the "rain rain go away..." and then stop. I didn't want it to come again another day. Now? I wish it would rain more often. There is something so romantic and old about rain that just makes me happy. I am glad you were able to shoot your wedding dry. And Christmas music? Give it time! Like, at least two months time. :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You know, I listened to some Christmas music today too! I just can't help myself! (And btw, we've got too much rain here in pa!)

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