Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn...where are you?

+ I think it's odd that this morning I looked outside and the rain and dark clouds were so heavy and that the forecast for later says sunny.  I am doubting it--that this cloudiness will go away because it's just been wet for so long.  The Pacific Northwest is known for it's clouds and drizzle--but I remember so many past Autumns filled with sunny days and breathless wind and I wonder why this one is not the same?  I've been picturing it in my mind--the colors--the scents--the steady chill that warms my soul.  I love the Fall and I want it to come now.  My Saturdays are filled with photo sessions and my Pie Party is on the calender.  I need the rain to stay away from them all. I need Autumn to come in all it's vibrancy and glory.  Perhaps I am just getting ahead of myself and I am being unrealistic, but it is October and I am READY.  Dear Mother Nature, can you be ready too? 

+ I've been thinking about this whole baby thing again.  I don't know why it is so heavy on my thoughts, but it is.

+ I need to cook again.  I have been horrible at this and Rowdy has had to take the brunt of it (as usual) and it's really not fair.  The way things work best in our home is to have a menu, which we just don't right now and it has affected our food habits greatly.  Last night I made blueberry muffins for Kai to take to Blue Day at school and the whole time I kept thinking about how much I like to bake.  And why don't I?  Or why can't I think of anything to make with the chicken breast I defrosted?  Menu. I need a menu. 

+ My job is making me so tired.  I am worn out.  The kids room is a disaster because I just don't even have the energy to hang up their clothes and enforce the cleaning.  I feel like such a slacker and last night Kai had a breakdown since he wouldn't pick up his toys and I could not handle it-so I just didn't handle it very well.  I don't know what to do.

+ I want to  Pinterest is bad for me right now-- a reminder that I just don't have the ability to get my craft on time-wise right now and so I have been avoiding this inspirational vice.  Someday.  Someday.

+ Is this a downer post?  Oh well. 

+ Here's an upside: I finally broke down and bought a new flat iron.  I forgot that my hair can be straight and lovely!  Yipeee!


Sue said...

I'm with you on the fall thing. I live in the Bay area, and I'm waiting for those amazing October/November days. So far, it's just kinda chilly and rainy.

Hope you get a chance to get your craft on soon!


Charlotte said...

I'm missing the New England fall right about now. I find that fall often leads to life questioning and resolves to do better.

I need a new flat iron. I keep borrowing my daughter's superior one and she is getting highly annoyed.

Darren and Brandi said...

I'm totally feeling ya on this fall situation. I really hope that it's fally at your pie party :) i'm so excited!

Amy said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Probably because we're finally free of the hellish heat.

Wow, that was rather poetic. :)

Darlin, I wish I could give you a hug and tell you to your face that you're fabulous!! I wish everyone could just shake off the jobs that bring so much fatigue and frustration.

I have to have a menu too. Otherwise dinner is crap. Or nothing. And I'm angry and the husband is hungry. Sometimes I wonder why he can't just make dinner once in a while?? But then I remember he's at school all. day. and I'm just the weekend job-er.

Maybe some hot chocolate?

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