Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chasing Boys

We love this book around here

Mom: (Listening to music while tuning her daughter out as she is rambling in the background about her friends at school bla bla bla.)

Daughter: ...and then I had to chase after her.

Mom:  What?  Who are you chasing after?

Daughter: Kelsy at school.

Mom: Why are you chasing her?

Daughter: Because she's chasing the boys and I am trying to stop 
her and I'm faster than everyone so they pick me to do it.

Mom: Why is Kelsy chasing the boys?

Daughter: She just likes to. It's her specialty.

Mom: You mean, like baking chocolate cake is someone's specialty?  Like she'll be able to put it on a resume later?  (heehee)

Daughter:  Noooooooo. She's just good at it.

Mom: So what are the boys doing in all this?  They are just running away and letting you two chase them?

Daughter:  Yep.  Every day.

Mom: That's it?  You just chase them for fun?  What happens when you have to stop?

Daughter:  Kelsy just says, "See you later boys.  Catch you next time!" with a gleam in her eye.


Sue said...

When I was young, one of our favorite games at recess was for the boys to chase the girls. When they caught us, we would kick them in the shin and take off again.



Amy said...

I used to chase boys too.
It started in Elementary school.

It stopped in 2006.
When I started dating my husband.

Amy said...

I used to play chase with the boys in 3rd grade. It was a lot of fun. We had a base, and they had their jail, and they would chase us, and we would try to save our friends... it was so much fun! Wish I could put that on a resume.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

My mom always told me not to chase boys. ;) I think she meant it more like: let them pursue you. Wink Wink. Ha. Although I never was very good at waiting around for something I wanted. ;)

Love this little story.

Charlotte said...

I guess it is a comfort that she is secondarily chasing the boys by chasing the boy-chaser, right?

I remember being young and it was the boys chasing us. Maybe it is a regional thing (I hope not, as we just moved to the Northwest!)

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