Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Gecko

Dear "Tang"(because you have some orange on you that looks like the nasty powdered drink that my mom gave me when we were growing up),

We like you a lot, unlike the powdered drink, and are really really really sorry that we somehow forgot to put you back in your home after we were done playing with you.  Please come out wherever you are.  And be alive. I don't think our kiddos could handle another gecko loss so soon. 


Your family

UPDATE:  FOUND!!  After 8 hours of searching--Rowdy found him. 


Amy said...

Such a sad story! I hope he is found unharmed very soon!

Stef said...

Oh man. Maybe he is playing hide and seek and he is still waiting to be sought....seeked...whatever...

Sue said...

Oh, dear. Here's hoping!


Amy said...

Oh no!!! hope he comes out.

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