Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My One Thing

Oh how I love this quote!

I think that my mind automatically enters into creative mode this time of year because's all about the festivities and giving.  But am I the only one that feels like I have too much going on?  It's like knowing your potential--and interests--and then feeling like you can't accomplish it. Case in point-- I don't have Halloween Decor up yet this year.  What is happening to me?

I have always said that I wish I was really good at one thing rather than a lot of things because I received a blessing once that said, "many are your talents."  Over the years that has bummed me out a bit because I don't feel like I am exceptionally good at anything in particular--just good at lots.  But then recently I have developed the mind frame of SEASONS.  Perhaps, I can be really good at one thing at different times of my life. Perhaps, my many talents can be spread out over my lifetime so that I can keep that concentration and focus on that one thing that I am truly interested in at that moment.  Yay!  Now I don't feel so overwhelmed and inadequate.  There is no need to be tremendously good at many things at one time.  Just passionate about one for now. 

I like that idea. 


Sue said...

Sounds like the right point of view to me!


Mary Seals said...

I don't have any Halloween decor up either :-(

Stef said...

I just want to be talented in one thing. Wink. Well, I am good at being crazy, laid back and on the fly. Do those count?

Amy said...

Oh my gosh I am completely the same way. I'm not amazing at any one thing. Just good at lots of different things. I think it's sorta like knowing a little about a lot and knowing a whole lot about nothing.

I like that quote by Julia Child too, only I have a small amendment: Find something you're passionate about, find others who share it, and then make up code names for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I am not good at any one thing either. My trouble lies in that I have way to many interests. I need to get better at scheduling things so I can get around to more of the stuff I love. A little more money and a switch for the weather would help tremendously as well. :)

By the way, your guy does have a truly exceptional beard. Your brother in-law has nothing on him. Poor guy is going to get a complex. ;)

Also if you have the time I appreciate your opinion on a shirt refashion on my bog.

Take Care
Haley @thedistractedblogger

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