Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Friday Feelings

 (see this party here)

+I'm feeling crazy bad about the fact that Brianna broke her wrist at her soccer game on Saturday and I didn't take her to see the doctor until Wednesday.  She came out of the game bawling in pain and I told her to pull herself together and get out there and play.  Then she scored a goal.  And then every day she kept asking me to please set up an appointment with the DR and so I did and holy crap she has a fracture....SORRY!!!

+ I'm feeling so jealous of this girl--so much in fact that I had to click off her blog quick before I became green with witchy envy.  Her parties are insanely cute, she has a darling house in a lovely area of Seattle, she's a fantastic photographer, she's hot, and she lives 20 minutes from me so can you imagine my potential!?  Her Halloween Party was to die for darling (heehee) and she threw her son a Camping Party that is just about the cutest birthday party I have ever seen. And now I am going to get on my knees and pray that my heart will be softened and that my envy will cease and desist unless she wants to be my best friend and in that case we can totally hang out.

+I'm feeling optimistic about things.  Graduate School is coming to a close in December and with that means change is in the air.  I'm not sure what our next step will be, but I am looking forward to it.  In fact, our goal board states, "Christmas Baby" and then underneath it says "20 Pounds" and Brianna was totally trying to figure out what that means.  Translation:  Figure out our goals for yourself.

+I'm feeling curious about the fact that my husband has been so demanding that I get a passport. Like, yelled at me with serious pressure even. I got it today (well, I'll receive it in 6 weeks) so what then?  We'll see. 

+I'm feeling grateful for the little things.  Like my daughter's Halloween costume being a cinch to put together all from finds at goodwill in one night.  And that Kai's Batman Costume from last year still fits because it was and is still the bomb. Plus I have been reading this amazing blog about love..and it is truly wonderful and inspiring to read.  It makes me want to get rid of all my baggage and be a better wife with a better perspective on the sacredness of marriage because my husband deserves that.

Happy Halloween Weekend, friends.


Darren and Brandi said...

Do you actually know Whitney or did you just find her blog? She was in my ward when we lived in Sammamish and I actually grew up with her younger brother :) I must say that I agree with you though... you kind of have to hate her ;)

Sue said...

Ooooo. Sounds like an exciting trip may be in your future!


PS. I broke my arm falling off the seesaw at the drive in movie when I was young. I knew it was broken, even though I was only 7, but I had a heck of a time convincing my parents. They made me sit through the whole movie, but I was so strident about it that my dad finally took me after he dropped everyone else off at home. Boy, was he sorry when he found out it really was broken. As for me, I was just glad to get a cast on and have the pain relieved. ;)

val of the south said...

You're in good company...I made my son wait a couple days on a broken wrist and 3 days on a broken foot. And then he was having a lot of pain where the cast hit the front of the ankle and I told him to tough it out. When they took the cast off there was a horrible sore there which left an awful scar. I feel guilty every time I see it! See, you're not so bad ;)

likeschocolate said...

I wouldn't feel too bad about the arm because that happened to mean last may. Roman fell and I didn't think anything of it because he didn't really cry. I am jealous of whitney too.

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