Monday, October 24, 2011

Have I got a gift guide for YOU!

I have been seeing a lot of advertising on blogs lately.  I get it--I do--if I had the opportunity to make a buck by simply posting I probably would.  But since I don't have the "opportunity,"  I still want to give back to my readers by giving them ideas of what to buy for gifts this season without a discount instead of a substantial post that brings joy to your life.  

Get your debit card ready!

There is a new Snuggie on the market with word prints!  And if you don't believe how wonderful this product truly is, read the reviews here and see for yourself! I told you there would be no discounts on this post, but lo and behold there is a special going on right now that if you buy $50 worth you get free shipping.  Now that's my kind of deal.

I discovered this wonderful trip to Antarctica recently and I thought to myself, "Now THAT would be a gift that everyone would love!" I am considering giving each member of Rowdy's family their own, because it is sure to be a hit and I don't want to play favorites. And at only $9,740 a person, I think it's a steal.

Still using that teapot that gets cold after 3 hours? Here is your answer! And oh my gosh-- there are 2 BONUS egg cosies as well.  You better jump on this gift quick, because I am pretty sure there is a waiting list considering the time and detail that goes into each one.

And last but not least, if you are anticipating the arrival of  Breaking Dawn Part I as I am, then this is the button for you! 

So many good things to advertise...and well...I hope I helped you out with your gift shopping just a little.  Too bad I don't actually get paid for this post.  I'm pretty sure I'd make a couple cents off ya;)
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