Friday, October 21, 2011

I like me.

There are a couple things about me that you should know:

1. I am horrible at keeping up with the laundry and
2. I am easily offended.  I try not to be.  I try to just brush it off, but in my job (as a property manager) I get a lot of complaints and a lot of personal attacks which are borderline harrassment and well, I just have to brush it off and keep on going.  I'm pretty good at the going part, it's the not caring what people say or think about me part that is hard.

So today--when this morning really couldn't get much worse regarding the above issue--I thought to myself that in this moment I need to remember my worth and who I am and who I am NOT.  And I am NOT a bad person.  In fact, there are many good things about me.  

Let's name them, shall we?

1. I'm good at throwing parties.  Er--decorating at the very least because I really don't know if people actually like coming to the parties...but they DO look lovely! 
2. I have pretty eyes.  Sadly, no eyelashes...but my eyes are rock'n and I know it.
3. I'm a good talker.  Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing in some situations but talking in general is a good attribute, I think.  I don't just let things fester.  Out and about!  And sometimes I leave a conversation knowing that I said really awesome things to a really awesome person to make them feel really awesome and that makes me happy. 
4.  I'm a good mom.  I don't always do things the right way, but I try really hard and I am a better mother than my own--which is what we should all strive for, I think!
5. I am an excellent baker, but not a candlestick maker.
6. I am a good writer.  I don't really fulfill my writing potential on this blog, but at a very early age I won some awards and stuff and I know that if I really focus I could go somewhere.  Seasons.  It's all about seasons.
7. My lips are totally kissable.  Ask Rowdy.  Or don't if you aren't into TMI;) 
8. The way I talk is a mix between valley girl and Utah'n and Pennsylvania Dutch.  Totally classic and you won't hear another voice like me. Except my daughter has started saying "whatever" and "totally" which means that perhaps there is one.
9. I am really strong.  Muscle wise and life-wise.  I can lift some serious weights and when it comes to really hard life obstacles I have been there done that.  Nothing to brag about, but life has not been easy for me and I have gotten through it thus far.
10. I LOVE YOU hard.  Like, if I love you I will go out of my way to let you know it.  I'll do random things like send you lame packages in the mail that throw confetti all over your carpet or make you caramel popcorn all the time because you ask.  I love in both action and words and my love language is all over the place because well, sometimes when you love so deeply it can easily go all over the place;) 

There is more, of course, and so I will try to remember these things when I feel that others do not.  And I will remember that I am a good person with a good heart who makes mistakes and will not always be liked, which is okay.  Because well, if you really knew would just KNOW how absurd your un-likable feelings are. And we would probably be friends.  I'm cool like that. 


Jenny P. said...

SO happy that I get to be the first one that says I like you too!! I've never even met you in person and I think you're flippin fabulous. And... I bet people love coming to your parties. Because everyone loves a pretty party.

Debby said...

You are beautiful inside and out.
Always remember that when things get you down. Who cares about eyelashes, hah.

Sue said...

It's good to remind ourselves that we can and should be our own best friends.

(I am one of my biggest fans, most of the time.)


Amy said...

I don't have any eyelashes either. It stinks.

I just adore you!! I agree on every single one of those things you're good at and I can only attest to them based on blog-stalker observations. So they MUST be true, right? Does that even make any sense...?

I sometimes wish my blog friends lived on my street. Today is one of those days. :)

likeschocolate said...

You are awesome carrie!

Carrot Jello said...

And you're a good photographer. I saw through my friend Aubrey's facebook someone singing your praises about how you rocked their family photo shoot.
Good job!

Bridget said...

Where's the "like" button?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Your lips DO look that you pointed that out! Great...

Jeanelle said...

I've been reading your blog for quite awhile but can't remember if I've ever commented...but I had to tell you that I just realized we're in the same stake. Small world. Love your blog! And the word verification is macho - funny.

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