Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am thankful for them

These past few weeks I have been working hard at being "present" with my children.  I have tried to be slower to anger...more aware of their needs...responsive to all requests (however annoying they may be)...even taking longer to tuck them in at night.  And as I reflect on what I am thankful for is THEM.  Utterly and Entirely THEM.  They fill my heart with so much joy (and pain) and love (and worry) and I am so grateful to be their mother.  

Plus, aren't they knock-out beautiful?


We went Christmas-Card-Picture-Tak'n.  I was inspired with the idea this morning of what my card should look like and what it should say.  INSPIRED.  And I can't wait to send it out. 

We said a prayer in the car beforehand--and well--I think it worked!

Here are some teasers (although these won't be used on the card): 









PS.  This quilt is a family heirloom on Rowdy's side.

PPS. OVER and OUT for the week...we're headed to Utah. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are YOU grateful for? 


Amy said...

Carrie, I'm seriously in love. Those pictures are perfect!!!!

It warms my heart and makes me happy when mothers like you appreciate their little ones. Thank you so much for posting this!!

I'm grateful for my daughter too. She's my very own guardian angel.

heather said...

Yes, two of the most beautiful children on earth, with one fabulous, amazing, talented mother! :) Best wishes for your road trip, sessions, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Sue said...

Your Christmas card idea is perfect, and so are these photos.

The expressions on their faces are beyond beautiful, so tender.


Snelders said...

Beautiful pics! Love them!

Mo said...

I love the photos! But I'd love to see a family pic, too!

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