Monday, November 14, 2011

Ornament Exchange 2011

 My ornament (lavender-rosemary sachet) that I made and mailed last year

 I wrote about the Ornament Exchange so wonderfully last year that I decided to copy my post.  I am SO original, I know;)  But why try to recreate a good thing?   It was an AMAZING turn-out with participation last year.  I'm talking 50+girls.  Let's do it again, shall we?


Ornaments mean something so special to me. Each one I add to my tree represents a time in my life, a Christmas, that is worth remembering.  Aren't they all?  Even that one holiday season when Rowdy was first diagnosed with his kidney disorder. His mother bought him an ornament at Emory Hospital while she stayed there with him when I couldn't. We hang that ornament up with fondness every year.  Funny how that works?

Ornament exchanges are delightful because each person has their own personal touch.  And that spreads warmth and a connection that only a darling pipe cleaner angel on a tree can express.

So begins my own!  I would like to organize one now so that everyone involved will have a time of preparation.  Ornaments can be either made or bought.  However, they must be symbolic of YOU, or at least given with a heartfelt message that you would like to express. 

Once everyone has signed up,  I will assign a name for you to send your ornament(s) to. You will then receive one (or more if you optioned as such) in return.  Deadline for each woman to receive hers is December 15th. 

Deadline to sign up is November 21st.  Once you commit, please follow through;)  Email me at!  

 In your email to me please include:
-The # of ornaments you would like to make/receive...either 1 or 6
-Your address
-If you blogged about it so you can receive a bonus ornament from me!


Jackie said...

I'm in. I'll do 6!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that ornament you made last year. Is there any way you would be willing to post a tutorial on how you made them???? That is truly the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Carrie said...

hmmmmm..maybe I will!

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