Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Utah and why not?

This video is just as good as the first!

We're leaving for Utah in a week.  I need someone to feed my fish and watch my dog. Any takers? 

This idea that we are heading out on a road trip in just a few short days should freak me out a bit.  But the whole idea to go was just so...random...that I have decided to randomly not deal with the stress of getting there.

It all started when my friend (a bit jokingly) asked if I could come take photos of her family over Thanksgiving weekend since they would all be together.  I (a bit jokingly) said, "sure."   Then I said, "are you serious?"  Then she said, "are YOU serious?"  Then I said, "Ya...why not?"
The fact of the matter is that I am off work, and the kids are off school, and Rowdy can do his school work on the road, so WHY NOT?

The whole idea makes me giddy because people, we use to road-trip-it a lot.  One summer we went on like, 15 trips I think.  There was even a 4th of July weekend that we decided to drive down to Florida, camping on the side of the road, eating PB&J.  Surprisingly, as we made a stop at my SIL's house she gave us a 2 night hotel stay in Tampa that she had been given for work and it was to die for fun. I wasn't working and Brianna was still a toddler so we had the easy-mobility-thing going for us.  But as life has gone forward with less time and our family has grown, our trips have lessened drastically. 

And so maybe that is why a "Why Not?" is so appealing right now.  It certainly can't be the fact that it will be hours in the car going from Seattle to the Salt Lake Valley.  And it certainly can't be the fact that just getting out the door and wrapping up all responsibilities at home will be hectic, at the very least.  And it certainly can't be the fact that our Christmas in Georgia will happen so shortly after, so back-to-back trips are probably not the smartest thing in our responsibility-filled life.  But this trip is so necessary because we are just so...tired.  Tired from the monotony that job and grad school has entailed.  And tired from the same old same old. 

So yes, we will be in Utah for Thanksgiving and yes, I will be doing some photo sessions if you are interested and yes, it is going to be an exhausting and quick and random trip.
But hey... why not?


likeschocolate said...

Have fun! We are heading to Florida!

Cherie said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! Road tripping is great and impromptu trips are the best. Sometimes you really do just need a change of scenery. Have fun!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Hey! Come see me!!

Jackie said...

I sent you an e-mail. My friend wants a photo session...!

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