Monday, December 26, 2011

Build-A-Fort Kit

I decided to make a fort kit for my nephew and I was surprised how big of a hit it was!  
(I know--I shouldn't be surprised, right?) 

I meant to take a picture of all the stuff inside, but basically I found 2 sheets at a thrift store and sewed loops on all corners using fabric from an old t-shirt via instructions found here, added rope-suction cups-clips and a flashlight to a pillowcase/turned bag, and then made a cute tag with the description.

It kept the kids occupied for hours. Plus it's portable so it can go anywhere.  They used it at the hotel room, outside, and I especially loved this little set-up at Grandma's house via the Christmas tree!


Stef said...

I almost did that this year. I may just have to do it next year for my sister's kids. Cheap yet fun gift~

Jenn said...

Great idea!

Carmella S. Blitch said...

He LOVED the kit too! They played outside with it too. I suggest not too allow this because when he opened in the car to set up tent, yes in the car. The dead grass flew everywhere in the backseat. Lol

Sue said...

What present could be better than that for a kid?


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