Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How I feel today

The word "optimistic" has been on my mind lately.  Mainly, I think, because it doesn't even slightly represent me.  I am far far far away from such a word.  But since Christmas has come and gone and a New Year approaches I think I want that word to be close close close instead.  

I think that this is the year that we will see tremendous growth and change and I pray that optimism will surround it all.  2011 has brought consistency with it--same old stuff--grad school and work have taken so much of our time.  But since Rowdy is finished with his Master's program we have closed an old chapter and a new one has begun.  In fact, I think I would like to put the old book down all together and head to the Life Library for a bright and shiny new fresh-off-the-press one instead. 

I am going to get on my knees until I can feel it.  Until I can dream it.  Until I can BE it--optimistic.  It's not such an unrealistic thought, you know.  That "pessimistic me" could change for the better.  I think I just will.    


PS* My best friend Mary is flying me to Hong Kong to see her in a few months.  Uhmm...best Christmas gift EVER?????


Sue said...

I like your attitude! And I envy your trip to Hong Kong!!


Bridget said...

Yup. Best present ever. But I think your optimism will be more far-reaching.

Should I admit that multiple times a day I remind myself to smile? I do. It reminds me of your feel it/dream it thoughts. Best wishes for your journey to optimism. May you work hard at it and make it stick.

Stef said...

That is a great motto! Love it. Maybe I should try it to.
Hong Kong! Holy cow! Have fun.

Amy said...

Great idea! I think I'll jump on that ride too. For me, 2011 is a year I am glad to leave behind, but never want to forget. I am so ready for a new year with new blessings, renewed faith, and more solid determination to find happiness... and hope happiness finds me!

Wendy said...

Lucky lady to see a friend on an airplane!

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