Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Every year after the holidays I hit the sales rack for any cheap Christmas decor.  And then every year when I get all my Christmas decorations out I find the new items packed away in the bins and it's like CHRISTMAS opening them.  You should have heard me...I was like, "Aaron!  Look at what I bought last year for way cheap that I get to display for the first time! It's so stink'n cute!"

So here are a couple new things.  I would get more pictures but my place is a cave and nothing good turns out inside.  Note to self--next location better have floor to ceiling windows for natural light.

Dear Santa-- you look fab. 

Hello, cute snowman!

Not new-- but my tree makes me happy every year.  The kids love decorating it so the ornaments are all over the place.  Symbol of our life right now and I love that.

Here is some decorating from last year and I have a similar set-up.

And uhm...want to know an embarrassing tidbit?  I got all psycho this year.  I was in a bad mood putting the stuff up because I couldn't find the dang lights anywhere.  It is a huge ordeal getting decorations out every year--I have to drive to the storage locker (30 min away) and then get them all out, load them into the car, load them out of the car, take them inside, etc (and these bins are HEAVY). 
Then this year I did something weird and I bought the tree without my husband.  I knew it had to be Saturday night, and that there would be no other time for me to decorate, so it was going to happen no matter what.  He couldn't get away from school-related stuff, so I asked if he would care if I just got it myself.  He didn't under the stressful circumstances--and you know what?  I didn't either.  I want it to go back to normal as a family event next year--but sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.  I went to the Christmas tree lot--picked it out--loaded it up and then set it up myself.  I was ready to break open the boxes--and then--lights--where were the lights????  Did I mention going to the Wal-Mart near us at 10:30pm is never a happy experience?

So anyway- it's done, but it was sadly not a positive experience.  Thankfully, I have the rest of the month to gaze upon the prettiness, forget my behavior, and sing jingle bells until my throat hurts.

That's what the season is all about, no? 


PS!  Thank you Amy for saying such sweet things about me on your blog! 


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I Llove that basket of colourful, sparkly baubles- it makes my heart sing! And crazy trees are the norm when you have kids. That's what I keep telling myself anyway :)

likeschocolate said...

I love how overloaded your tree is!!! It has me rethinking my own tree. BTW, is the ornament exchange going on. I haven't heard from anyone and I have my ornament ready to go???

likeschocolate said...
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Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I think your tree is awesome.

Sorry it was stressful though. That is no fun and deserves to be treated with a chocolate bar.

Sue said...

Love your tree, despite the pain of getting there!


Andrea said...

Love your decorations!!!! Your ornaments are the same colors as ours. I love it! Ooooo I can't wait to attack Walmart's after-Christmas decoration sales

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