Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday and a Family Newsletter

Do you write a newsletter every year?  I have a hard time keeping a straight face when I read some of them, so I try to break up the formality when I send mine out.  I'd like to think that a person can update a yearly status without bragging, maybe?  I loved this post from Evelyn on the subject last year.  
(PS...I really DO love reading all cards/newsletters and think they are so great so don't let this sway you from sending one my way!) 

Last year Brianna wrote ours--pretty cute--and then this year I had the kids do a Q/A.   Everything written is EXACTLY how it was said.  Picture cartoons on, me at the computer typing/yelling out the questions and then the kids answering back.


Dearest Friends and Family,

What better way to tell you about our life this past year than through the mouths of our babes?  
Disclaimer: No children were harmed during the recording of this transcript. 

What did Daddy just finish this month?
Kai:  Homework.
Brianna: Daddy finished his Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology/Development. Boy, am I glad that is over.

What does Mommy do every day?
Kai: Office work. 
Brianna: You work in your office and do photos.

What does Brianna do in 4th grade?
Kai: She makes songs and goes to recess.
Brianna:  We have different routines every single day; Math, Science, Art, Reading, Library, Social Studies, Health, Language, and Geometry.  

What does Kai do in Kindergarten?
Kai: I go to recess and do reading groups.  That’s all.
Brianna: I think he learns the alphabet and how to write letters correctly and sounding words out.

What’s our favorite thing to do together as a family?
Kai: Hug and share candy.
Brianna: We love to hang out and cook.

How old is everyone?
Kai:  Daddy is 39, Mommy is 49, Brianna just turned 10 and had a super tall gigantic cake, and I am going to be 6 on December 16th!   It is going to be a zombie one. 
Brianna:  No!  Dad is 33 and Mom is 30.   And I had the best birthday ever.  Mom won’t let you have a zombie one.

Did anything new happen this year?
Kai:  On the next day when I went to school I was doing the snail race.
Brianna:  Oh!  We got 2 geckos and we named them Tang and Kiwi.  But our other geckos died because they were sick and I will never forget them for the rest of my life. And I just auditioned and got into the Seattle Childrens Chorus, so that is totally awesome.

What do you want to tell everyone?
Kai: I wish everybody could have lasers.  And I want more Transformers. 
Brianna:  No, Kai...she’s not talking about that!

Why don’t you say something about Christmas….?
Kai:  Merry Christmas?  Do you mean go to the North Pole where Santa lives?  I want to go there.
Brianna:  I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

We are so grateful for our many blessings and hope this year brings you laughter and joy. 



Jocelyn Christensen said...

that's a great newsletter! I want to steal your idea...although we normally just send a card, no letter!

auroranwhisper said...

This is so cute!! What a great idea for an annual newsletter. :)

Jackie said...

My Mom had us all write articles--real news articles--for our family newsletter. We each had to cover a different event from the year or do a movie review, book review etc. We also drew illustrations and we were all so proud when it went to press and we got it ready to send. It was a true family affair and we love looking back and reading them now. Your kids will love reading yours too! YAY! Our newsletter this year sounds like we are bragging...but we had a great year and we don't have any adorable kids yet to soften the edges! I don't know how else to put things and our extended relatives (especially grandparents) love hearing all the good stuff so they can be so gosh darn proud. You're going to hate our card! Oh Well! You can't get rid of me I'm your cousin for life! Besides after so many years of "We're in school and making ends meet" I think the people that love you are stoked when they read "We hit the jack pot and life is smooth sailing!" It is nice to hear that people are having fun, are healthy, and safe, and seeing and doing things that are new and interesting. We could all use more good news from the people around us!

Sue said...

Great idea for a Christmas letter! I do send one, but I rhyme mine to try and make it a little less monotonous. If I had kids at home, I think I'd switch to your interview method!


Carrie said...

Jackie! I remember yours! My dad always tried to make ours comical too--so perhaps it runs in the family;)

And it IS so nice to hear good things.

And my word verification is PRESS

Amy said...

Oh my gosh I'm totally stealing this idea when my kids are old enough!! That is hilarious and fantastic!
We have never even done a Christmas card. I think we'll start as soon as we have children. Maybe. We're pretty low-key.

P.S. I knew Brianna would get into that choir! As if there was any doubt. She's SO talented!

Jenn said...

Kai's responses actually made me guffaw! So funny!

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