Wednesday, January 4, 2012

*A New Year* guest post by Ashley

I'm excited to introduce the lovely Ashley! This girl is not only a total babe with eyelashes that I am entirely jealous of, but she is also completely down-to-earth and radiates happiness.  You can see the love she has for her family and life in every post she writes and it is such a happy space in blog-land to sit and read.

Hello beautiful readers! I am Ashley from Hudson's Happenings, and I am so happy that sweet Carrie asked me to share a guest post on her lovely blog. 

It's that time again.....a new year is upon us and it's customary to make that list of goals that we will strive to achieve in 2012. This year, instead of creating concrete resolutions, I am going to try to achieve one important thing: 
In 2012, I resolve to LIVE in the moment. 

As a mother to a very precious little boy, it seems that I am always looking ahead. I find myself planning all the time, whether it's next week's menu or where he'll attend school in a couple of years. I've been known to spend a bit too much time worrying about the future. And, I am constantly organizing things, planning ahead and working hard to be sure that our household runs smoothly.....which is definitely important, but in 2012 I want to put more of an emphasis on truly enjoying life's little moments. 

I can't wait to do more:
 dancing in my pajamas
 exploring the great outdoors
building pillow forts
 baking cookies
 playing the piano
 and reading lots of books
with my sweet boy. 
I can't wait to have more fun. 

What is your New Year's Resolution? 


Sue said...

It's kinda similar to yours, actually, but I called it "tuning in" in my post today.

I think this is a good resolution for all of us!


Cherie said...

I definately believe in dancing with and without your children :-D
I'm going to have more MOXIE this year!

Leah said...

I love the dancing in pajamas and pillow forts:) That's the stuff memories are made of!

Yvonne said...

Hope you have a fantastic 2012 with lots of dancing ; )

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

THANK YOU so much for having me!!! :) 2012 is starting off wonderfully, I did lots of dancing this weekend for my birthday! :D

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