Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pro-Use Produce

So my husband started a BIZ.  That's BIZ for BIZ-NESS.  Not BIZZY BEE.  

I told him I refused to blog about it until he had a rock'n website--but I decided to go ahead and be bold and give you the down-low knowing that his website is pending a logo improvement, which will be happening asap.  

I'll admit that I was not super-crazy-supportive originally.  This girl likes stability and security and a guaranteed paycheck, so having your husband tell you that he is starting a business after you have suffered supporting him through grad-school expecting to end with stability and security and a guaranteed  But if you could see the light in his eyes, and the support that he and his business partner are getting from so many people, and the insane amount of good that they are doing, would stop mumbling and grumbling and look forward to what the future holds. 

Introducing:  Pro-Use Produce

Pro-Use Produce is a non-profit organization that takes fruit that is not going be used or goes unsold from Markets and Food Banks--whether it is a banana with brown speckles or an apple with a bruise--and they remove any damaged portions and dehydrate it. Anything after is then composted.  The circle of produce life, my friends.

I cannot even express how much produce is going to waste everywhere.  You know how the grocery store has pretty fruit out in the aisles for you?  Well, in the back they have the fruit that is not so pretty anymore.  And it just gets thrown away.  It's not even all bad--just not pretty.  Normally some of that fruit is donated to food banks, and then tons of it is not used there either because again--not so desirable. 

So Rowdy and his friend John decided that it shouldn't be wasted anymore.  My apartment has been a test kitchen for the last 6 months with peeling and cutting and dehydrating.  Recently it's all been moved to a kitchen in North Seattle given to them for use by their sponsor.  As of right now, Rainier Valley Food Bank and Madison Market in Seattle have been the barer of fruit (heehee)and donating their over-ripe goods.  Over the summer City Fruit also participated in fruit donations. And it keeps on going, folks. 

Right now the fruit is being dried and packaged.  Some of it is being donated back to the food bank while the other is sold to support this growing business.  If you are interested in purchasing any you can let me know and I will have more info later.  The apples are so dang good. And these creative guys even made dried bananas glazed with blackberry puree.  What the awesome?

Here is an article written about them a few months ago and they have since received a grant from United Way.  How awesome is that?

Is my hubby brilliant and cool or what? There is just something so nice about going to bed all fuzzy wuzzy knowing all the good you are doing. I'm proud of him.


Sue said...

That really is a good idea. If it took off, think of all the food that would be saved.

Good for him, I say! And I wish him luck, too!!


Amy said...

Awesome!! Good luck, guys!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Wow, the concept is amazing! Have you seen "The Big Waste" on the food network? It kind of highlights the fact that so much food is wasted everyday from grocery stores and restaurants.

Bridget said...

I just watched the documentary Dive a week or two ago. Have you seen that? Sort of a similar concept, except it wasn't marketed upon there. Where's the link to the site? Did you not post it or did I miss it?

Christina said...

This is pretty much awesome. Wishing totally successful wishes for you and Rowdy, not just so you have all of that stability stuff, but because this is a really fantastic idea.

Carrie said...

Chocolate- I heard about the big waste! I'll have to watch it.

Bridget- it's but I don't really want to send you there until it is a fab website;) And I'll have to watch DIVE.

It makes me happy that awareness of such food waste is being spread, and even more to know that we (personally) are actually doing something about it.

Charlotte said...

I was thinking about all the wasted fruit the other day (I was talking to my friend's husband who is a produce manager for a grocery store). What a great use for it! If they expand onto the eastern side of the state, let me know!

Jenn said...

WOw!!! That is so cool!!!

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