Friday, February 10, 2012

Conversations and Ligers

Me:  What's your favorite animal?
Kai:  Guess.
Me:  Is it a Lion?
Kai:  No.
Me:  Is it a parrot?
Kai:  No.
Me:  Is it a panda bear?
Kai:  No.
Me: I give up... What is it?
Kai:  It's got stripes and a furry mane.  It's a LIGER.


Me:  You should have heard what Kai said today.  He said his favorite animal is a Liger--like from Napoleon Dynamite.
Rowdy:  Ha. That's funny!
Me:  I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't real.
Rowdy:  It is real.
Me:  No it's not.
Rowdy:  Yes it is.
Me:  If that's true than it won't be funny anymore.  The only thing that made that part in Napoleon Dynamite funny is that I thought it was some crazy made-up animal.
Rowdy:  Well it's real.
Me: No way. I'm gonna google it.


Dear Google,

Sometimes I wish you would LIE to me.


Sue said...



Charlotte said...

I looked up ligers the other day, too, for some odd reason. There are also wholphins.

Nick, Jess and Bridger said...

So this is random that I'm finally commenting since I've been following your blog for a year now. But...Hogle zoo in utah had Shasta the Liger:)

Bridget said...

Ha ha ha. My husband and his brother had this conversation. His brother actually said, "I've seen photos of one so they have to be real!" We laughed pretty hard at that one (ehem. photoshop.) I still think of it as an imaginary animal, but if Nick, Jess and Bridger have seen one in person then they would know better.

Pittman Four said...

They have a liger at the Harris county wild animal park thing.

Garden of Egan said...

So hilarious.
Too bad you can't be a cool as google.

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