Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Aunt Beverly

emails written September 30th 2002


Dear Carrie,

Brianna's latest is on the frig.
Tell the truth.  You had her cloned, right?  She looks Exactly like you at that age.  Scarey. But of course, both of you are beautiful.

Thanks for sending it.
Love you.
Aunt Beverly


Dear Aunt Beverly, 
 It is so funny that you think she looks like me.  Everyone always says she looks like Aaron. You and my mom are the only ones that think she resembles me in the slightest way.  She has my eyes, but she has his hair, his body type, and lower jaw.  I guess she's just an over-all good mix.
    How are you feeling??  For goodness sakes, why didn't you tell me?  All of a sudden, out of the blue, Dad emails me and tells what you've been through and that he wasn't allowed to say anything.  You "Brown's" are all the same.  It goes something like, "Let's keep it all a secret because I don't want anyone to realize that not EVERYTHING is peachy in my life."  It's very old fashioned and you must stop acting this way at once.  Just think...if I had only known sooner, my prayers could have been heard sooner as well.     
    Well, I am assuming you are going to be down for awhile, so let me recommend some excellent reading material.  A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel.  It's hilarious.  You would love it. 
    I am dressing Brianna up as a fairy for Halloween.  I am so excited.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  The only problem I am having this year is trying to figure out what I am going to be.  I'm stumped.  Oh well, it will eventually come to me!

All my love, Carrie


Dear Carrie,

Your Mom and Will just left 10 minutes ago.  Oh, it was so good to talk to her.  I really needed it.

I'm so glad that she found Jeff and that she will be happy.  But I wish Seattle were next door.

I don't know why your father thought it was a secret.  But it is kind of hard to bring it up to people out of the blue.
As in: "By the way,  I have advanced ovarian cancer".  Have a nice day.

Well, it happened for a reason.  Too bad it isn't easy to figure out.

If Brianna is a fairy,  think about who she would hang out with.  An Elf?  Cinderella? (As in fairy Godmother) A Fairy--Carrier?  Hmmmm.

Take care.
Love you.
Aunt Beverly


Garden of Egan said...

This is such a sweet relationship. I bet you treasured every single moment.

Amy said...

Carrie, I loved this. Such a sweet correspondence. I'm glad you kept it. Those letters are such a treasure!

My mom and my grandma wrote to each other while my mom was a young mother. Grandma kept all the letters and eventually gave them back to my mom. Reading them is entertaining and hilarious. "Amy is either a pain or a riot." (excerpt from a letter when I was a toddler)

Beautiful post. Beautiful women.

Sue said...

She has such a lovely way about her. And she's got a cute personality, too.

I enjoy reading these.
(And I like what you said to her, too.)


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