Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Aunt Beverly

email written to me November 2nd, 2002 (background--we were just about to move in with my MIL for 9 months)


Dear Carrie,

Just got your message.  Hope you are still feeling optimistic about it.

Ya know, we happen to live in a very unusual time, in an unusual
society.  Our unusual behavior is that we don't live in extended
families.  "Normal" people in every part of the world since the
beginning have done so.

It is the way it is supposed to be.  We have forgotten how to do it. People think it isn't "cool".  And that ruins it for so many people, so many situations that could and should just go on as normal.

I'll bet you do well.  I am happy for Brianna, that she'll at least have a taste of the way it should be.

We just got back from Williamsburg. What a great big joy that was.  Something to remember.

How was Halloween?

Gotta unpack.  Take care.
Aunt Beverly.


email written to me November 13th, 2002

Dear Carrie,

Well I heard that the party was quite a success and that everyone was so happy to see you.  And that Brianna wore her cake well.

Your Mom is quite impressed with the person you have become.  (I was, First!)

While I'm tooting people's horns, let me tell you about your Mom.
She, via email, has become my primary support person.  The person I can tell everything to.  To unload, to whine, to worry, to anything.
Everyone, especially everyone going thru this, needs that. I have lots of "friends", but no one like that.  When she came to pick up William I was just out of the hospital and a total wreck.  She cried with me and , I think, made up her mind to be there for me.

Since then, I've recovered from the surgery, gone on Prozac and been to Williamsburg.  Feeling So much better.  But I doubt I'd be alright without all the emails we have exchanged.  She assigned herself the job, and, I can tell, she isn't going to quit.  I am very grateful.  Just wanted you to know.

Ok, now how about one of your nifty internet photos of Brianna the
Birthday Girl!

Love ya.
Aunt Beverly


email written to me December 3rd, 2002

Dear Carrie,

It has been so long since we wrote, I forget what the current subject matter is.

Winter is definitely here.  A little snow, not too bad.  But Really cold.

So many beautiful Christmas things in the stores.  Fun to look at.

I still haven't done the Williamsburg album.  The stuff just sits here in front of me.  What a bum.

Pete comes home tomorrow. Stays till Jan. 8th.  Then to Denver for 10 months in AmeriCorps. 

Are you guys healthy?  No colds or flu?  Don't know if you are more prone to that because of  all your illnesses.  Or is all of that behind you?

Are you mired in moving mode?  Still feeling positive about it?

Hope all is well.
Love ya.
Aunt Beverly

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Sue said...

I like the way she looks for the good in everything, moving included...She almost makes me wish we had lived with our parents for a spell!

(I think she's right about that's how it used to and ought to be. At least, we should be able to live CLOSE to our extended families.)


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