Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Aunt Beverly

email written to me October 17th, 2002


Dear Carrie,

You absolutely have to send me a picture. Aaron in tights as Peter Pan!  Only thing is, won't you be walking around in a Granny nightgown?  (My memory of Wendy.)

I spent the day going thru a lifetime of photos.  Whew.    It started when I was so depressed and sure I had only months to live.  I decided I had to make up a small album for Pete.  Too much and he'd disregard them.  The more I thought about it the more I realized that the photos just sit there and nobody looks at them.  I don't really want but a few special things.  And your Dad said he doesn't have photos.  Nothing of our parents. Which worked out well, because I don't want them anymore.  Really weird.  I used to treasure photos.  No more.

So I made a pile for Pete, and a pile for your father, and ditched the rest.

In the process, I saw so many photos of you and your sibs thru the
years.  I am mailing you a few photos which will prove my claim that Brianna is your clone.

We go to Williamsburg the 26th thru the 2nd.  I am unable to
concentrate on worrying.  Keep thinking about the trip.

You are making yourself So Busy!  All the Halloween stuff, and then Brianna's birthday party. Making memories. :-)

Did you ever see the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights?  Come to think of it, Peter Pan dressed just like that.  Giggle.

Have fun.
Love, Aunt Beverly


email written to me October 22nd, 2002  

Oh Carrie, you are such a honey!  I got a kick out of the package.  Its contents sat on display on the kitchen table all day yesterday.  And the book is-- well-- makes you stop and breathe and think.  I'm taking it slowly.  It isn't a "skimmer".  As well you know.  It seems to be amazing.  And it is extremely special because you value it.  Thank you so very much.

I'm still cheered up from the Make a Wish, and the Prozac has fully kicked in.  So getting your package just about pushed me over the top. Into Stupid Grin All Day Itis.

I am constantly a bit pleasantly surprised at what a special, kind, mature, stable and joyful adult you have become.  Proud to
know ya.

Gotta go and get stuff organized.  4 more days till the trip.  Looks like it might be cold and rainy and Sniper-y.  Too bad, too sad.  We will have a blast anyway!  We are actually Going Someplace!

Tell Aaron to give you a pat on the back (at least!) for being such a Sweetheart.

Love you muchly,

Aunt Beverly


Amy said...

have you thought about compiling these letters into a book?
I'm enjoying getting to know this sweet, real, spunky lady you were privileged to call "aunt."

Sue said...

It's wonderful that you have these letters to remember her by. I don't think I've saved enough letters, and I am going to do better.


Jackie said...

These are gems. I am inspired by your Aunt. I might just have to borrow her "love you muchly" it is perfect. Family like this is the best!

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