Thursday, March 1, 2012

gifts for kids when you are away

This is the first time I have left my family to travel out of the country.  I've done a few days here and there solo, but nothing this big so I would be lying if I told you I wasn't feeling nervous at all.  Oh--they will undoubtedly be fine with their Daddy--but I will miss them, for sure.  I do feel bad for Rowdy, though.  It's a pretty heavy burden to do the single parent thing (I've done it for 7 weeks, in fact), so I know there will be a few nights where he's pretty tired.  Regardless, I am looking forward to the break tremendously!  I'm not sure what I am more excited about...spending a week gabbing with my best friend, or experiencing the vibrancy of a new place/life/culture.  Both, perhaps.

Every time I leave the kids I wrap presents for them to open each day.  Usually it is a little gift, or a new book to read, or a place to go like a gift certificate to Dairy Queen.  It's my little reminder each day that I think of them.  In this situation, I will have to schedule a Skype call or just email because an international phone call won't work and a huge time zone will make things difficult.  So--I have been thinking that my little gift to them each day needs to be extra meaningful.  I thought some with a Chinese theme would be fun! 

Some of my ideas of gifts to give:

+Go out to eat some Chinese Food at our favorite restaurant Hong's Garden.
+Check out THIS book from the library to read.
+Fortune cookies from the store (we are so lucky to have so many Asian stores around) or maybe I can make them with personalized messages?
+Chinese candy that my friend sent me.
+A printed out map of where I will be/spots that I will be going to and coloring pages.
+A movie night complete with candy and popcorn.
+Letter to each child filled with reasons why I love them.

Have you ever done this? What are YOUR ideas?


Sue said...

I left my kids a couple of times to go out of the country. One to London and one to Japan. Oh, make that four. I also went on two cruises to Mexico and the Caribbean.

I didn't worry much because my mom was babysitting. I sure missed them, though! (Actually, I took the Mexico one with my girlfriends and our husbands babysat.)

That was the best one of all because I didn't worry a bit with my hubby in charge. It was a golden trip.


Garden of Egan said...

That is such a cute idea!!!
You are a wonderful mom.

I'm sure daddy will do awesome.

Amy said...

Fabulous idea! I'll have to remember it when, someday, I'll have to travel off to England to finish my research for my PhD in British History. ha. One can dream, right?

Have sooo much fun!

Charlotte said...

I've never done anything like that, but I love the idea and will be incorporating it into my plan next time I'm out of time.

Jackie said...

This really is such a glorious idea! Lucky kids. And lucky you--I'm sure that China will be amazing! I love to go to Japan and walk the streets and see an ocean of black hair--which will be made all the better by you having blonde hair now. I feel like an international trip sort of makes the entire year. It can never be a bad year when you go abroad. The whole year feels successful. Get that stamp in your passport and ENJOY!

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