Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Love You Muchly, Aunt Beverly

(Aunt Beverly and I circa the 80's, obviously)

You know the family member who thinks you can't do wrong?  And even if you do wrong she still thinks you are great?  Here she is.

My Aunt Beverly died in February 2004 from Ovarian Cancer and my heart-strings tug every time I think about it.  I really loved her.  She was my Dad's sister and her son and I were only a few months apart.  He was her only child and really, her absolute pride and joy.  My Uncle Bill, Aunt Beverly, and Peter lived in Sunbury PA in a tiny half-house.  Have you seen those?  They are notorious on the East Coast and I lived in a few growing up.  It's a 2-3 story house, but split in two.  I remember every detail of it--the narrow staircase and kitchen in the back and the yogurt cups that she would wash so she would have enough cups when we came over. When my family went there for any occasion it was brim full of children and she loved it and I think loathed it at the same time.  There were just so many of us and I think it was shocking to see us overwhelm her tiny space.

I was the oldest girl and according to my siblings, the favorite.  I don't agree--I just think I had more time for her to get to know me before she passed away.  And even if I was her favorite niece, I am sure even in Heaven she wouldn't tell.

(Thanksgiving 2003 - My dad, Uncle Bill, Aunt Bev, Cousin Peter, Me and Brianna and Aaron)

A few months before she died Rowdy and I made a trip from Georgia to Pennsylvania to give her a Thanksgiving.  We cooked it all--a fried turkey that she had never had and was extremely excited about, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and pies with pie crusts I made in Georgia and froze for the trip.  Brianna had just turned two and my Aunt really adored her.  It was a great Thanksgiving and I am so grateful that I had that time with her before she passed away.

Love You Muchly is what she would always write in every birthday card and often in letters. It's one of my favorite "quotes" to this day.  

Recently I happened upon an old folder of our email correspondence back in 2002.  They are small snippets, but ones I want to share because next to her son, I was her favorite (shhhhh!) and it is so good to remember and record.  And gosh darn it--I just love her still.

I am going to post a new letter every day this week in gratitude for the gift that she gave me...knowing I was loved. There is just something so darling and unforgettable about that.  

Love you muchly, Aunt Bev.


Sue said...

I'm going backwards here because I missed a day of reading, but I loved your first snippet.


Charlotte said...

I've never been super close to my aunts, but I would like to be to my own nieces and nephews.

I lived in a duplex in PA. I loved it (even if we outgrew it by the 5th kid).

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