Saturday, April 21, 2012

please forgive a previous post

I recently wrote a post on depression that was not intended to be published yet. Once I realized my mistake I took it down with the intention to edit more thoroughly, however, due to bloggers brand new format it was accidentally deleted--but unfortunately it is still hanging out in Google Reader's que.  

My thoughts are this without getting too dramatic:  If you have read it, please forgive my complete rawness.  Although the content was meant to be published, my haste and emotion in writing left some very personal sentences unedited. If you have not read it, just uhm...don't. Or if you do now that I have made a big deal out of it and you are curious and it's human nature to do so, please be very sensitive to the nature of it.  I regret stating certain things because although I am a very open person, some statements about my past can shine a negative light that is not necessary to be seen on a blog without further understanding or explanation.  

Quite frankly, I feel like I just returned from the bathroom and my underwear is showing.

Forgive me, k?

and yes...I have checked every option on recovering deleted posts so that it can be edited like it was meant to but it doesn't seem possible.  :(


Amy said...

I never got a chance to read it. But whatever it said, I hope you feel better now. *hug*

sariqd said...

It was raw... but it was honest and one cannot be faulted for that. I'm sorry it's gone as I would've like to have commented on it as I've had similar struggles. Scratch "had" - insert "have."

val of the south said...

No need to was raw and beautiful and as I read it I thought how brave you are to share something so personal but so necessary to more than you'll probably ever for sure.

Sorry you feel like your underwear is showing...but girl, they are some amazing undies and I for one am glad I caught a glimpse ;) (but totally not in a creeper way, but in a "cool, where can I buy some" kind of way!)

heather said...

It was beautiful and honest and there is no need to apologize for anything.

So.. if you say your underwear are showing, I'll tell you you have a nice butt.

likeschocolate said...

Carrie, you are awesome!!! I actually didn't think it was raw, but honest and that is Okay because it is who you are. Maybe, if people stopped pretending to be something they aren't then we could all get on with living our real lives. We don't have to be perfect. What is perfect anyway. I totally think that satan wants us to feel less than perfect because then he knows he has a part of us. I am glad that you have been able to be honest with yourself so that you can get the help you need to take care of yourself and your beautiful family. Remember the lady in Texas who drowned her 5 babies. She needed help and didn't get it, so if you take medication and it helps than that is sure better than what happened to your brother and to this woman's children. Hugs from Georgia!

Sue said...

I missed it, and I'm sorry. Especially after reading these comments.

Depression runs in my family, and I would love to have read your post.


Lisa S said...

Those of us who enjoy your posts would read and interpret what you meant. I have a hard time showing vulnerability..just so hard to do.
Two years ago right around our 20 year anniversary,the weekend Elder Bednar came to our stake to speak, my husband overdosed, but recovered. He has severe depression, and is diligent about his meds. Up to that point I was miserable and ready to leave because he was so hard to be around. Once it was discovered that all his life he had signs of depression our whole relationship changed for the better.
I wish our society was more understanding about depression. I know I have great compassion for those who struggle.

Carrie said...

I don't even know what to say to these sweet comments...thank you so much...

Charlotte said...

I need to stop reading posts in chronological order when I'm behind. I could totally relate to the depression. One of the lowest moments in my life is when I realized I probably genetically passed on those genes to my own children. I relate to the line of telling who I really am and showing too much vulnerability, too.

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