Friday, April 20, 2012

proud of them


The other day I was driving and I said to her, "I'm really proud of you."  She kinda gasped--which made me feel sad that I don't tell her that enough--and then when she asked why I told her, "Because everyone I meet tells me how amazing you are.  You have so many friends at school because YOU are a good friend and adults always say how impressed they are with you.  It makes me so happy that you are mine."


The other Sunday at church I was substitute teaching in primary and he volunteered to say the prayer. He got up and said the most adorable prayer--complete with "and please help us to color really good"...(they usually color a picture in class).  It made me so happy that for 1) he was so willing to pray without being asked and for 2) he didn't just say the "repeat words for every prayer."  His words were thoughtful and meaningful for what he cared about and I just loved that moment and HIM to pieces.

Really, I couldn't ask for better kids. 


Amy said...

Awe. Such great kids! Reading about them like this makes them almost feel like celebrities to me. I'd probably have to get their autograph if I ever meet them. :)

Sue said...

This really makes me think about the importance of expressing my feelings to the people I love.



PS. Your kids are darling.

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