Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Tast-y Meat-a Ball-a {Food Blog Repost}

Since I no longer have a food blog--and Springtime always makes me hungry--I thought I would re-post some yummi-ness here in the hopes that I will leave the house and eat something delicious. 


A few years ago we were doing some exploring in the inside of the market. It wasn't too far inside, but far enough away from the main walkway that I think it sometimes gets passed up. We hadn't eaten in 30 minutes, and it was lunch time, so you know... this looked like a cool place. Pike Place Pasta Bar cool-looking-place, to be exact. The owner said "try some meatballs." We did.

They tasted like Mom-Mom's-- Rowdy's Italian Grandmother. I myself had never had the privilege of tasting her meatballs before she passed away, but my MIL, SIL, BIL's, and HIL...I meant husband, all swear by them.

As we were tasting of their delish-ish-ness, I asked the super cool owner "hey! what's in these?" Secret ingredient, of course. Just kidding. He told me Worcestershire sauce. "Really?" I said.

It works. I put that in my homemade meatballs now, too.

One of my favorite things about this pasta joint? They drizzle pesto and Parmesan on top of their marinara. Such a fantastic combo.

Their pasta is yummy, garlic bread delish, and the prices are super reasonable. Very casual environment where you can sit at the bar stools and slurp up your deep red marinara and pasta without worries of bugging the neighbor next to you. They are doing the same thing, you know. Hot take-out Italian at its best.

Here's a map.

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Sue said...

I love meatballs, and I will try worcestershire sauce next time.


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